Step 1 in transformation

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Step 1 in transformation The first step in transforming any area of our lives is to first be grateful for what we already have. If we are not grateful, we are almost certain to be in resistance, scarcity, or self-condemnation. These things push us in the wrong direction. They move us away from transformation and […]

The stuff is the path

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The stuff is the path  The circumstances, the crap, the stuff that happens is the path to improvement. For example – becoming happier. Anyone can be happy in nice weather but it takes a pro to be happy in storms and foul weather. So, we learn to become happier by choosing to practice happiness when […]

It is your life and you are welcome to it

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It is your life and you are welcome to it  Years ago, a friend told me a story about what happened at a personal growth retreat that he attended. The leader was working with one guy. And, the guy deflected, contradicted, and disputed everything the leader tried to point out. Finally, the leader said, “I’m […]

Over here over here (jumping up and down with arms waving)

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Over here over here (jumping up and down with arms waving) Imagine someone trying to get your attention from a distance. They are probably jumping up and down, waving their arms, and yelling “over here, over here”. That’s a good way to view our resistance – procrastination, hesitation, avoidance, I don’t want to, etc. Our […]

Extending the life of your willpower battery

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Extending the life of your willpower battery Will power is a very useful thing (statement of the obvious there). However, willpower works like a battery. When we use some there is less left until we recharge. Think of a flashlight. When the battery is weak, very little light is produced. When the battery is dead, […]

Let’s start with a lie

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Let’s start with a lie I listened to a voice mail this morning. The message started out with a lie. She said that I had been referred to her and that if I was interested in a program that would generate thousands of dollars of income ~ and that’s when I hung up. Of course […]

How do I overcome what my brain sees as normal, a set point?

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How do I overcome what my brain sees as normal, a set point? I was asked this question today and here are a couple of thoughts: It’s useful to view ourselves as sculptors. They take thousands of hammer swings as they chip away and the work of art emerges. Every swing moves the project forward. […]

OK to get paid

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OK to get paid Say out loud, “It is okay for me to get paid.” And, “It is okay for me to get paid really well.” And notice how they feel – 10 being totally true and 1 being not at all true. Quite frequently people notice some resistance or hesitation with these phrases. If […]

Could It Really Be That Easy?

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Could It Really Be That Easy? Imagine if right in front of your front door was an 8 foot tall wall that you had to shimmy over in order to leave your house. Sometimes you would shimmy over it without a second thought. But there would be a lot of times where you would look […]

Life is meant to be more than a list of chores

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Life is meant to be far more than a list of chores So many people accidentally turn their lives into a giant list of chores. Then they wonder why they are tired, bored, uninspired, apathetic, or even depressed. “Have to” is one of the main ways that people do this. “Have to” is amazingly toxic. […]

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