Two Strategies

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Two Strategies  We can either sit around, hoping and praying that people will find us – or we can put in the necessary work to become the kind of person that people go looking for. One of these strategies is far more useful, enjoyable and effective than the other. Much Love, Jonathan Help me out […]

The Meaning of Stress

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The Meaning of Stress  Stress = misguided thinking that we are in charge of the results. Thinking this way is bound to stress us out because there is very little that we are actually in control of (with effort, we can be in control of our thoughts, feelings, reactions, and behaviors and that is pretty […]

Backflips for Serenity

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Backflips for Serenity 29 years ago (perhaps even to the day) I was totally stressed out about my life. I had recently graduated from college and was about to leave for the Peace Corps. I was out of sorts and confused about what I wanted to do with my life. So, I went to the […]

800 Pound Squirrel

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800 Pound Squirrel When fear, worry, anxiety, hurt, etc. show up and we refuse to experience them and instead we close our hearts by trying to push it away or pretend it isn’t there – what happens is that the negative energy compresses into a tight little ball, like an acorn, and it gets stored […]

Weather the Storm

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I talked to a client today who has some really intense personal stuff going on. So we talked about how to manage her mind with regards to this rather than focusing on her business. One of the things we talked about was to be kind to herself during this stressful time – and do what […]

Stress is Inevitable

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Stress is Inevitable We will have stress in our lives. The question is: what do we do with that stress? Do we let it tear us down or push us forward? This all starts with the label that we give the stress. Is it a problem or an opportunity? Is it something I have to […]

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