How quickly can we get unhooked?

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How Quickly Can We Get Unhooked? I truly hope that I can get to the point where I am unoffendable. But, I’m not there yet. In the meantime, the game is to see just how quickly I can get unhooked. Step one: realizing we are offended, or hurt or hanging on to something, or . […]

Upset is upset no matter what  

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Upset is upset no matter what  Here’s a simple question ~ Is life good or enjoyable when you are upset? No matter how good our reason is for being upset, no matter how justified we are in our minds for being upset ~ being upset causes us to suffer. Life is not good when we […]

Why does it hurt so bad?

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Why does it hurt so bad? Chuck Finley (my daughter’s pet rabbit) died earlier tonight. She’s devastated and hurting. At one point she asked, “Why does it hurt so bad dad?” What she is experiencing is the downside to opening our hearts, being vulnerable, and loving someone (or Chuck the rabbit). It can hurt at […]

Puncture wounds

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Puncture wounds This year for the first time, they mulched the trees around the sand volleyball courts with wood chips. Of course the kids bring the wood chips into the sand. So every time that I play, I clear wood chips out of the sand. On Saturday I gave a handful of rescued wood chips […]

It really is about me

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It really is about me People often get tripped up around the idea that it is not okay to have it be about me. This can prevent people from asking for help, receiving assistance, and going for it. And this is a bunch of garbage. It is okay to be about me. In fact, it […]

Closing our hearts does not help

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Closing our hearts does not help Sabine’s friend hurt her knee while we were skiing yesterday. However, when we were in the first aid building it looked like Sabine was in worse pain. Ron, the ski patrol guy, was joking around and keeping it light while he did his thing. I was joking around. Sabine’s […]

Take a Deeper Look

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Take a Deeper Look Recently I was mad for several days in a row. And, I couldn’t seem to shake it. I used all of my letting go tools and strategies and . . . I was still mad. Then I sat down and thought about it for a minute and realized that deeper than […]

Don’t try to control the weather

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Don’t try to control the weather Think how frustrating it would be if you tried to control the weather. A much better strategy is to just deal with whatever Mother Nature brings. This is also a good way to think about dealing with our emotions. Just deal with what the weather brings. There are valid […]

Hearts Don’t Judge

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Hearts Don’t Judge Hearts are meant to love and to be open – not to judge. When we judge others, it hurts our hearts. And, this pain makes us far less magnetic to our good. Said another way: when I am judging others, I have closed my heart to God. I have edged God out […]

Two Thoughts on Hurt

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I had a big a-ha today. It is not okay for me to be hurt or feel hurt. (Kind of a guy thing but also kind of a human thing.) But here’s the thing, when I don’t ignore it but actually tune in, my shoulder does hurt. And of course I’ve been hurt many times […]

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