Time to reevaluate

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Time to reevaluate   I have been writing the Daily Dose of Jonathan for years now. And, almost every Dose has been written on the day it was sent out. My story for doing it this way rather than having them queued up in advance is that it honors my freedom and spontaneity. However, it […]

Extending the life of your willpower battery

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Extending the life of your willpower battery Will power is a very useful thing (statement of the obvious there). However, willpower works like a battery. When we use some there is less left until we recharge. Think of a flashlight. When the battery is weak, very little light is produced. When the battery is dead, […]

Better off jumping

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Better off jumping My daughter went on a rafting trip last week. Her favorite part of the trip was when she screwed up her courage enough to jump off a cliff and into the river. This reminded me of an experience I had on a rafting trip back in high school. My friend and I […]

Upgraded Instant Replay

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Upgraded Instant Replay In volleyball you can play far better defense if you watch the hitter’s arm rather than the ball. When you do this, you can tell how hard they are hitting and where they are hitting before they ever hit the ball. If you watch the ball, you can only tell these things […]

Choosing the lesser pain

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Choosing the lesser pain When I was in high school, I went on a rafting trip. As usually happens, we stopped at a spot where there was a cliff and a deep section of the river. My friend, Rod, and I decided to go jump but when we got to the edge of the cliff […]

These Two Things Are Not The Same

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Activity and busyness are not the same as effectiveness and results. People often confuse these two. It is not about the number of activities we have e.g. 1×1 meetings or phone calls. It is about the results they produce. The more effective and efficient we become, the less busy we need to be. Effectiveness and […]


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Fear When we experience fear, we can respond in one of two ways. We can let go (the useful choice). Or, we can twist and contort, doing everything we can to avoid feeling that fear (unsuccessfully I might add). Crazily enough, we’ve decided that avoiding and ignoring the fear is the way to go, the […]

Getting Your Buttons Pushed

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Getting Your Buttons Pushed We often talk in terms of “he or she pushed my buttons.” A much more accurate description would be, “he or she did something and then I pushed my own buttons.” He or she did something and then I decided to close down my heart. What if we decided that there […]

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