10 out of 10 would agree

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10 out of 10 would agree 10 out of 10 people would agree that what that person did was not okay – or at least that was what I was telling myself. But, would all 10 really agree that what this person did was inappropriate? I didn’t actually survey anybody. I just made it up […]

Resistance equals opportunity

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Resistance equals opportunity  In physical training, it is the resistance that makes our muscles stronger. In personal growth training, our resistance shows us where we have work to do. Then we do the work by a combination of 1) pushing through the resistance and doing it anyway and 2) doing the letting go work to […]

(dis) R…E…S…P…E…C…T

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(dis) R…E…S…P…E…C…T  There are two flavors of upset: you hurt my feelings and you dissed me ~ disrespected, dishonored, disapproved, discounted, disregarded, devalued, wasted my time, disloyal. This Dose addresses being dissed. Being dissed usually creates resentment and anger. It can also easily lead to a decrease of action and a “why bother” attitude. We […]

Getting Paid

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Getting Paid   Say out loud, “getting paid” and notice how that feels. Does it bring up anything for you?   There’s a lot of potential head trash around getting paid: Not okay to get paid for doing something I love Not okay to get paid for using my gifts Accepting praise, appreciation, and approval […]

How do I overcome what my brain sees as normal, a set point?

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How do I overcome what my brain sees as normal, a set point? I was asked this question today and here are a couple of thoughts: It’s useful to view ourselves as sculptors. They take thousands of hammer swings as they chip away and the work of art emerges. Every swing moves the project forward. […]

Twisted Logic

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Twisted Logic I’m not worthy to get there because I have not gotten there yet! That sounds ridiculous! It is not logical. And – that twisted belief dominates many people’s lives. If that rings a bell with you – you have some letting go homework to do. (Thanks to Steve Johnsen for today’s Dose) Much […]

A Mathematical Look At Life

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We are the sum total of all of our vibrations, the positive and the negative. And that sum total determines what we attract ~ and more importantly, our level of happiness. 9+7-6-8-9+11-4+3-6+9-5+5-6+7-8+3+6+2-5+8-3-4+7-1+9=21 Every hurt we forgive, every grudge we drop, every bit of head trash we release, every consciousness upgrade we make increases our total, […]

Letting Go and Moving On

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Letting Go and Moving On It is impossible to be truly happy when we are holding on to hurts, grudges, slights, misunderstandings, wronging, injustices, and the like. The important thing to remember is that letting go is something we do for ourselves, for our own happiness, and our own freedom. It doesn’t have anything to […]


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Fear When we experience fear, we can respond in one of two ways. We can let go (the useful choice). Or, we can twist and contort, doing everything we can to avoid feeling that fear (unsuccessfully I might add). Crazily enough, we’ve decided that avoiding and ignoring the fear is the way to go, the […]

It Is A Matter of Degree

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It Is A Matter Of Degree   To the degree that we think we have it all figured out, to the degree that we think we know and are in control, is the degree to which we are in deep kim-chi. Knowing, controlling, and having it all figured out preclude miracles, magic, Providence acting on […]

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