Dominion over money

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Dominion Over Money I heard money expert, Dave Ramsey, say that we need to have dominion over money. Webster’s 1828 tells us that dominion means to have sovereign or supreme authority, and the power of governing and controlling. Dominion means having the power to direct, control, use and dispose of at pleasure. Dominion gives right […]

An accountability question

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An accountability question  I was recently asked, “How can I hold myself accountable to taking the actions needed to move forward?” The first thing to understand is that our behaviors (no matter how frustrating they might be) always make sense when we uncover the underlying story. For example: Let’s say that I’m trying to hold […]

Two Strategies

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Two Strategies  We can either sit around, hoping and praying that people will find us – or we can put in the necessary work to become the kind of person that people go looking for. One of these strategies is far more useful, enjoyable and effective than the other. Much Love, Jonathan Help me out […]

An impossible position

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An impossible position  Whenever we try to be responsible for another person – their happiness, their success, their mood, their well-being – we are setting ourselves up to suffer. We are putting ourselves in an impossible position because we are not in charge of that other person’s brain. We don’t have the power to make […]

Whoa ~ a super deep thought

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Whoa ~ a super deep thought When we make life more fun we will have more fun. We want to enjoy life but do we make the enjoyable things a priority? Or do we get too busy and put those things off. Richard Branson said, “Don’t think of fun as a reward, think of it […]


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GTD There is a time and a place to just get things done and then there is a time and place to get things done my way. If we know the difference, we can save ourselves a lot of stress and headache. If it is a situation where it is important to get things done […]

Counting Axe Swings

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Counting Axe Swings It isn’t about how many times we actually swing the axe. It is about how big of a pile of fire wood we create. A dull axe doesn’t split very much wood. People often forget this and get caught up in the trap of busy-ness. They don’t make the time for self-care, […]

Victim Mode / Creator Mode

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Victim Mode / Creator Mode We become so helpless when we slip into victim mode – after all, we are the victim here so there’s nothing we can do about things. All we can hope for is that an external force comes along to change things on our behalf. When we are in creator mode, […]

You Can Lead A Horse To Water . . .

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I end up talking to clients about this all the time ~ it is impossible to be responsible for another person’s happiness, success, feelings, etc. These are things that we cannot possibly control. Any and every time that we try to be responsible for another person will inevitably end up in suffering. However, there are […]

The Illusion of Time Management

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People often talk about time management but we really cannot manage time. You cannot bank the time you saved today and have 24 hours and 45 minutes tomorrow. You cannot make the clock speed up or slow down. However, there are other things that we can manage. Priority Management: Are you spending your time on […]

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