Misunderstood humility

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Misunderstood humility  “Humility” tends to be a word that confuses people. It does not mean to be a doormat, or self-denigrating, or low self-esteem. Humble people do not seek or desperately need the approval of others. So, they do what they do without making a big deal of it. Humble people can appreciate and enjoy […]

I’m OK so give the glory away

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I’m OK so give the glory away  Project CURE had its volunteer appreciation lunch today where Millie, Barb, and Dave received the Lifetime Achievement Award for over 10,000 volunteer hours (and I’m sure they have a lot more hours of service than that). First of all, how amazing is that! 10,000+ hours devoted to kindness, […]

And, just have fun

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And, just have fun  So often we get serious about things when we would be much better served if we were having fun instead. Fun is far more magnetic than seriousness. Would you rather buy from the person who is light and fun or from the deadly serious person? Would you rather go on a […]

What are we setting out to find?

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What are we setting out to find?  We find what we look for. If I’m looking for a reason to be happy, I will find one. If I’m looking for a reason to be upset, I will find one. If I want to validate my story that I’m not supported, or I cannot catch a […]


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Allowing  The world out there cannot provide what we will not allow. For example ~ I often hear from people that they aren’t being supported the way they want to be supported. Then we uncover head trash like ~ I’m not worthy of support, it is not okay for me to be supported, or I […]

The inner critic

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The inner critic Your inner critic – that voice that tells you that you should be doing better, should be farther along, should have already done that, should be perfect, that you aren’t living up to the ideal – actually has a positive intention. It wants to keep us safe. If we do everything perfectly […]

Closing our hearts does not help

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Closing our hearts does not help Sabine’s friend hurt her knee while we were skiing yesterday. However, when we were in the first aid building it looked like Sabine was in worse pain. Ron, the ski patrol guy, was joking around and keeping it light while he did his thing. I was joking around. Sabine’s […]

Money truths

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Money truths Money is plentiful. Money is readily available. Money is all around us. People like you do get wealthy. Money is neutral – whether we use it for good or bad is up to us. Happiness and joy attract money. Money does not come from people it comes through people. “Money is the root […]

Meditation on a smile

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Meditation on a smile Close your eyes and imagine a big bright smile smiling at you. This is a very quick way to bring your energy up, open your heart, and increase your well-being. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people […]

Dominated By Time

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Dominated By Time Any time that we are not experiencing lightness, ease, and joy in whatever we are doing, we are being dominated by time. And when we are being dominated by time, we naturally feel stress, pressure, and anxiety (usually because we think there’s not enough time) which makes us far less magnetic to […]

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