Perpetually chased by wild dogs

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Perpetually Chased by Wild Dogs Imagine being constantly chased by wild dogs. It would be exhausting and nerve wracking Metaphorically, this is how most people do life. They are running around trying to prove that they are good enough, trying to prove that they are okay. It is exhausting and nerve wracking. It is also […]

Measuring Your Worth as a Human Being

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Measuring Your Worth   as a Human Being We use situations and circumstances to define our worth as human beings. This is crazy but we all do it. Measuring Your Worth As A Human Being Much Love, Jonathan p.s. 10 minute laser coaching sessions available Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose spoke […]

Somehow this has to be your fault

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Somehow This Has to be Your Fault When my brother was in college, he got hit by a car while riding his bike. Instead of inquiring about my brother’s well-being (as he was lying on the pavement), the lady who hit him said, “somehow this has to be your fault.” Behavior such as this comes […]

Stopping the condemnation craze

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Stopping the Condemnation Craze We have been trained and conditioned to look at things from a good or bad, right or wrong perspective. This brings in judgment and condemnation. When we do this, we are making identity statements. ~ He is a bad person because he did that bad thing. I am a bad person […]

The strongest force in your life ~ your self image

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The Strongest Force in Your Life ~  Your Self Image Maxwell Maltz, author of Psycho Cybernetics, said that it is impossible to out-perform your self image. It is impossible to do better than your thinking allows. It is impossible to do better than who you think you are. Your self-image determines what is possible for […]

A deeper understanding of receiving

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A deeper understanding of receiving Yes, it is very important to develop our ability to receive and to let go of the head trash that prevents us from receiving. However, a lot of times the word “receive” has a passive quality to it and even a powerless quality of having to wait for someone else […]

The wrong worthy

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The wrong worthy  Most people have forgotten the truth about who they really are and so they believe that they are worthy of rejection. When we remember the truth, then we remember that we are worthy of love, joy, belonging, blessings, and all manner of good! Much Love, Jonathan   Help me out please ~ […]

Getting Paid

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Getting Paid   Say out loud, “getting paid” and notice how that feels. Does it bring up anything for you?   There’s a lot of potential head trash around getting paid: Not okay to get paid for doing something I love Not okay to get paid for using my gifts Accepting praise, appreciation, and approval […]

Money truths

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Money truths Money is plentiful. Money is readily available. Money is all around us. People like you do get wealthy. Money is neutral – whether we use it for good or bad is up to us. Happiness and joy attract money. Money does not come from people it comes through people. “Money is the root […]

Cultivating or Demolishing

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Cultivating or Demolishing Without joy, nothing in life is worth anything. And, the thing about joy is that we can either cultivate joy or demolish joy. Which one do you spend more time doing? Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people […]

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