OK to get paid

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OK to get paid Say out loud, “It is okay for me to get paid.” And, “It is okay for me to get paid really well.” And notice how they feel – 10 being totally true and 1 being not at all true. Quite frequently people notice some resistance or hesitation with these phrases. If […]

Manifesting Mediocrity

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Manifesting Mediocrity I often hear people say things like, “I want to become a more powerful manifestor.” Everyone is already a powerful manifestor. It is just that many people are busy manifesting mediocrity. Many people are also busy manifesting opportunities to learn the same lesson over and over rather than actually learning that lesson. Our […]

Could It Really Be That Easy?

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Could It Really Be That Easy? Imagine if right in front of your front door was an 8 foot tall wall that you had to shimmy over in order to leave your house. Sometimes you would shimmy over it without a second thought. But there would be a lot of times where you would look […]

Even Though . . .

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Even Though . . . Even though statements are a great tool to allow our brains to shift gears and to get ourselves out of a rut. Over the weekend I was experiencing some “friction” with someone. Every time I used an even though (Even though this is going on, I choose to be happy.), […]

Money truths

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Money truths Money is plentiful. Money is readily available. Money is all around us. People like you do get wealthy. Money is neutral – whether we use it for good or bad is up to us. Happiness and joy attract money. Money does not come from people it comes through people. “Money is the root […]


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Inconvenience So many people have a story about not wanting to inconvenience another person. This causes them to be reluctant to ask for help, reluctant to ask for the sale, reluctant to make their phone calls, reluctant to follow up, reluctant to ask for referrals, reluctant to ask for what they want . . . […]

Finishing strong

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Finishing strong Wow, only one quarter of 2015 left. Are you going to finish strong or wheeze out? If you plan on finishing strong ~ what are your top 3 goals for the next 90 days? Then on a daily basis ask yourself ~ what are my 3 action steps for today that will help […]

1 x 365

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Hop in your time machine with me and let’s go 1 year into the future. And, imagine that for 365 days in a row you did one thing every day to move your life forward in each of the areas that matter most to you. What would your life look like? What would your life […]

How do you truly feel about your income?

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How do you feel about your income? Most people’s immediate response to this question is something along the lines of – it is not enough or it should be more. They feel bad. This automatically puts us into scarcity consciousness, stress, anxiety, pressure, tension, and worry. It can bring up shame and guilt. None of […]

There is always an agenda being fulfilled.

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There is always an agenda being fulfilled. It is important to remember that there is always an agenda being fulfilled. Even when it seems like we are not getting what we want or that our lives are headed in the wrong direction, there is still an agenda that is being fulfilled. Oftentimes this other agenda […]

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