It is not up to us whether the fish bite

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It is Not Up to Us Whether the Fish Bite We left the house at 4:00am this morning and arrived in Homer Alaska at 5:30pm Colorado time. So of course, I was ready to start fishing as soon as possible Within 10 minutes, I hooked a nice salmon and got it to the beach 3 […]

Extending the life of your willpower battery

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Extending the life of your willpower battery Will power is a very useful thing (statement of the obvious there). However, willpower works like a battery. When we use some there is less left until we recharge. Think of a flashlight. When the battery is weak, very little light is produced. When the battery is dead, […]

Acting in my own best interest

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Acting in my own best interest Say out loud, “It is okay to act in my own best interest.” Notice whether that feels true or not. Many people have some head trash that makes it difficult to act in their own best interest. This could be lack of self-worth, deferring and trading our needs and […]

Counting Axe Swings

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Counting Axe Swings It isn’t about how many times we actually swing the axe. It is about how big of a pile of fire wood we create. A dull axe doesn’t split very much wood. People often forget this and get caught up in the trap of busy-ness. They don’t make the time for self-care, […]

Breathing is a good idea

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Breathing is a good idea My daughter and I spent about 4 hours today at The Epic Sky Trek Challenge, an aerial trekking course with over 110 challenging elements. Early on as I was navigating a couple of the elements, I noticed that I wasn’t breathing. As soon as I started breathing deeper, I relaxed. […]

The right amount of rest

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The right amount of rest Every year we climb the Manitou Incline when my daughter comes to visit. The incline is 1 mile of stairs going straight up the side of a mountain and then a 4-mile hike back down. Yesterday Sabine decided not to go so it was just Sierra and I. We completed the […]

Are You Refueling Or Running On Empty? Tues -7/29

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Are You Refueling Or Running On Empty? Most people are not very good at acknowledging (much less celebrating) progress. When we fail to do this, we deprive ourselves of fuel – excitement, enthusiasm, self-confidence, feelings of well-being, happiness. When we lack fuel, we feel tired and burned out. Inspired action and a positive attitude become […]

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