Could It Really Be That Easy?

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Could It Really Be That Easy?

Imagine if right in front of your front door was an 8 foot tall wall that you had to shimmy over in order to leave your house. Sometimes you would shimmy over it without a second thought. But there would be a lot of times where you would look at that wall and then decide that you don’t really need to leave the house after all. Scaling the wall looks like too much work.

However, this is what we are doing to ourselves every time we use the words “need to”. We are creating huge resistance which we then need to overcome in order to get into action. Sometimes we do overcome that resistance, other times we don’t.

I was recently talking with someone who was frustrated because he wasn’t doing his law of attraction work on a daily basis. And sure enough, he was talking to himself in terms of “need to” which creates resistance, struggle, and suffering. And, that is exactly what he was experiencing.

There are so many alternatives to “need to” that are night and day different in the impact they have on us.

I choose to . . .

I am excited to . . .

I really enjoy . . .

I cannot wait to . . .

I love to . . .


Our brains believe what we tell them. So, we might as well tell them something useful. It really can be that easy!

I’ve written on this topic before but since “need to” is still an easy trap for me to fall into, I suspect others can use this reminder too.

Really be on the lookout for “need to” in your thoughts and in your self-talk. When you catch it, immediately replace it with a much more useful alternative.

Much Love,

I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know someone who would benefit from today’s thoughts, please pass this on. Thanks and gratitude in advance! 

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