Of course, I’ll be there (not)

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Of Course, I’ll Be There (not) I’m selling some furniture on-line and I’ve been stood up more times than I’ve actually met with someone. And in my history of speaking and events, I’ve had so many people say they’d be there for sure and then they don’t show. Now I could get all bent out […]

Intentions and support

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Intentions and support  Intentions are great. But, if we don’t have the right systems and plans in place to support those intentions, there’s a darn good chance we will get knocked off track and sabotage our intentions. Here is an easy example – if I have the intention to eat healthy but don’t have good […]

Unfolding Perfectly

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Unfolding Perfectly Being in Alaska has given me several opportunities to reflect on my life and how it has perfectly unfolded. Looking back, I can see those forks in the road where if I had turned a different direction, my life would look very different than it does now. Laura, who took us on a […]

Owning our value and expertise

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Owning our value and expertise  I got a call today from a past client. She was very excited because she had collected two nice checks in the last week for something that she used to do for free. She had learned to appropriately value her own expertise and experience. She had learned that she is […]

Just for the fun of it 

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100 years from now, no one will care if you were successful or not successful, happy or not happy, lived adventurously or bored yourself to death. So in a cosmic sense it doesn’t really matter what you do with your life. But it does matter to the individual! (Wouldn’t you rather lead a happy and […]

Inspired Action

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Inspired action can often look like you are not doing very much ~ but a lot happens. So, what exactly is inspired action? Let’s start with what it is not: any action taken from a should, have to, must, or need to. It is also not any action taken with the intent that this action […]

Art and the Law of Attraction

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My friend, Dennis, says, “I believe art is a universal language that feeds our soul and enriches our lives. If you aren’t involved in the arts in some way, there is an empty space in your soul that nothing else can fill.” dennispendletonstudio.com If our soul isn’t being fed, if we don’t make the time for […]

Everybody Is Better Off

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In human interactions (which includes sales) either everybody wins or it does not work. Either everybody is better off or nobody is better off. Sure it might seem like there are situations where some people win and others lose. But since at our deepest levels we are wired to contribute and make a difference, the […]

A Few Thoughts on Goals

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We are getting to that time of year when people start to create their 2015 goals. Here are a few useful thoughts to keep in mind when setting your goals: If your goals are not attached to compelling emotional reasons why they are important, they just become items on your to-do-list. If your goals are […]

Go Play! – Happy Labor Day!

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Remember ~ There is nothing to prove! You are already enough! Now go play! Enjoy your life!!!   Much love,   Jonathan Know someone else who would enjoy a daily dose? Here is the subscription link  bit.ly/1cwK52J     The Law of Attraction Made Simple ~ over 100 5-star reviews Awesome LOA Book

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