The world does not owe us a darn thing

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The World Does Not Owe Us a Darn Thing I was doing a little self-reflection this morning and I saw that buried deep I’ve got some “the world owes me” stuff going on. This belief, the world owes me, is incredibly damaging. It turns us into victims, waiting for an outside force to impact us […]

Persistence, courage, resistance, and risk

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Persistence, Courage, Resistance and Risk Persistence is a key success factor in any endeavor. However, persistence can easily get derailed if we don’t understand the relationship between courage, resistance, and risk. If there isn’t any risk in our lives, then we are not living a life that is worth living. We are not anywhere near the […]

Me Me Me is not the sound of happiness

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Me Me Me is not the sound of happiness There’s a lot of me me me going on in our world. If we pay attention, one thing we will notice for sure is that no one in me me me mode is experiencing happiness. When me me me is present, virtue is not. Kindness is […]


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Independence Many years ago, the Colonies didn’t like the rules of the British Empire. So they fought for their freedom and today we celebrate that independence. What old, out dated, and oppressive internal rules would you like to be free from? ~ Scarcity, I’m not enough, and other limiting beliefs. And take that one step […]

Waking Up

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Waking Up Many people start their day in scarcity because their first thought is a “not enough” thought. “I did not get enough sleep.” This sets the tone for the whole day. Yes, one can get over this but, it is starting the day in a hole which means effort and energy are required to […]

The Terrible Horrible Lie of Scarcity

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The Terrible Horrible Lie of Scarcity There is such a horrible lie of scarcity in our culture and in our world that does so much damage! The lie goes something like this: there’s only a limited amount so the more that I have, the less there is for others. This puts us into the bind […]

A little tug-of-war

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A little tug-of-war Hopefully you are doing business from a perspective of wanting to serve, contribute, and make others better off. However, sometimes that “what about me” creeps in. Will I get my fair share? Will I get my needs met? Etc. This sort of thinking is a really quick way to sabotage a beautiful […]

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