Touching their hearts

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Touching their hearts Yesterday was the Nurse Force Global mission to Indulang in Talakag in Bukidnon. We saw over 220 families. Some treatments were provided, some recommendations were made, some medicines were dispensed, and everyone got fed. And then there will be future follow up on what was started yesterday. So, some people who needed […]

Safe to Rest

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Safe to Rest It is so important to explore our consciousness and uncover those hidden limiting beliefs because they are negatively impacting us every single day. And we don’t even know they are there doing their sabotaging work. A couple of weeks ago I had a session. Since my 20’s I’ve always felt like I […]

Art and the Law of Attraction

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My friend, Dennis, says, “I believe art is a universal language that feeds our soul and enriches our lives. If you aren’t involved in the arts in some way, there is an empty space in your soul that nothing else can fill.” If our soul isn’t being fed, if we don’t make the time for […]

1 Year Anniversary December 4, 2014

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December 4th, is a pretty big deal for me. The Daily Dose of Jonathan is one year old.  I’m clear that writing is one of the things I am supposed to be doing here on planet earth. But before I started my daily email, I was not writing on a regular basis. Now I am. […]

A Lighthouse With Curtains???

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 Imagine a lighthouse with curtains. That wouldn’t really make very much sense. That light is meant to shine brightly, not be restricted by some curtains.   Yet, I see this in people all the time – When we don’t embrace our own magnificence, when we don’t see our own value, when we ask, “who am […]

Now Go Play

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Now Go Play Possibly the biggest trap that people fall into is thinking that there is somewhere to get to. Life will be better when______ (I have more money, am skinnier, am more successful, have that new title, am in a better relationship, etc.) No it will not!!! You will still be you with your […]

Campfire of Passion and Purpose

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Campfire of Passion and Purpose There’s an illusion that once you find your passion – purpose – big why, it will hold on to you, take over, and never let go. It doesn’t work that way. If you want your campfire to keep burning, you have to keep adding wood to the fire. If you […]

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