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Listening  About two weeks ago, my mom called me to tell me that her friend had passed away. Right away, without thinking, I asked her if she wanted me to go to the funeral service with her. I didn’t have a good reason for asking. Mom’s friend was not a part of my life. But, […]


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Guidance  I think that most people would like more guidance in their lives. But, how many of the people who would like more guidance 1) ask for guidance and 2) make time to listen for that guidance? Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose spoke to you, forward it to […]

Gnawed into mediocrity

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Gnawed into mediocrity  Imagine that you woke up and discovered a rat gnawing on your arm. Would you let the rat continue to gnaw? Would you tell yourself “it is no big deal” and go back to sleep? Or would you do something about it? When we listen to the little voices whispering guilt, shame, […]

When did boorish behavior become okay?

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When did boorish behavior become okay? I’m wondering if it is a newer idea that it is okay to treat people poorly and disrespectfully simply because they have a different opinion or if social media has simply made it easier to do so and to do so on a public stage? Either way ~ what’s […]

Talking at or talking with

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Talking at or talking with There is a big difference in impact between talking at someone and talking with someone. When we talk at someone, we diminish connection and can easily bring up their resistance. When we talk with someone, we deepen the connection and bring down their resistance. Notice how these two phrases impact […]

Entitled to their opinion

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Entitled to their opinion Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion – even if we don’t agree with it. A differing opinion doesn’t mean that other person is stupid, wrong, or a troll. People often forget this. And, it seems to be getting worse with the ramp up to the presidential race. Here’s […]

It is just feedback

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It is just feedback When we view life as feedback, life gets a lot simpler and clearer. And, we become a lot more skillful in dealing with ourselves. If I’m unhappy or even depressed – that is just feedback telling me that I’m holding on to some thoughts and stories that do not serve me. […]

Who says we have to listen?

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Who says we have to listen? People share their opinions with us all the time and so often for some reason, we think we have to listen, value their opinions, and take their advice to heart. We don’t. I had 3 separate discussions with people today who were suffering tremendously because of what other people […]

Stories and Focus

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Stories and Focus A friend of mine is starting a 30 day cleanse. If she focuses on all the foods she cannot eat and tells herself stories of lack and deprivation – she will suffer a lot, become much less likely to successfully complete the program, and that counter-intent and resistance will make the program […]

Goals vs Guidance

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Goals are good but not at the expense of ignoring or tuning out guidance. Guidance is God, Spirit, your soul whispering to you. When this happens, it pays to listen. Much love,   Jonathan Know someone else who would enjoy a daily dose? Here is the subscription link     The Law of Attraction […]

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