Step 1 in transformation

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Step 1 in transformation The first step in transforming any area of our lives is to first be grateful for what we already have. If we are not grateful, we are almost certain to be in resistance, scarcity, or self-condemnation. These things push us in the wrong direction. They move us away from transformation and […]

With or without resentment

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With or Without Resentment Have you ever had a time and situation in your life where you were doing something but resented the fact that you had to do it? Perhaps you felt obligated or figured that nothing would happen if you didn’t make it happen. That resentment is extremely toxic, especially if this is […]

Under the influence

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Under the Influence If we were to drink several shots of tequila, we would not have any choice about whether we were impacted or not. We would be under the influence. The same is true when we habitually tell ourselves lousy stories. We don’t have any choice about it, we will be negatively impacted by […]

Hope and the Way

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In many ways, I see the work that I do as restoring hope to people that things can indeed be different and then showing them the path to create this. Hope: Yes, things can be different – radically different. When we change our beliefs, expectations, and mindset then what is possible for us changes too. […]

These Two Things Are Not The Same

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Activity and busyness are not the same as effectiveness and results. People often confuse these two. It is not about the number of activities we have e.g. 1×1 meetings or phone calls. It is about the results they produce. The more effective and efficient we become, the less busy we need to be. Effectiveness and […]

A Perfect Match

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Our results are a perfect match for our beliefs, mindset, and the stories we tell ourselves. So, if we want different results, we have to upgrade our beliefs, mindset, and the stories we tell ourselves. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps […]

Zig Ziglar with a twist

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I received an email today in response to Monday’s “Pay It Forward” email. My friend shared how someone recently told her, “I usually give and give and I have decided that I can’t just keep helping people without getting something for me.” This made me think of Zig Ziglar’s famous saying, “You will get all you […]

Perspective ~ Really, It Can Be Changed

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I was with a group of people on Sunday who had attended an all-day training the day before. Everyone shared their big take-away.   Every single big aha involved a change in perspective, a different way of looking at something, someone, or themselves.   So often we think that our perspective (the one we stumbled […]

A Lighthouse With Curtains???

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 Imagine a lighthouse with curtains. That wouldn’t really make very much sense. That light is meant to shine brightly, not be restricted by some curtains.   Yet, I see this in people all the time – When we don’t embrace our own magnificence, when we don’t see our own value, when we ask, “who am […]

Chicken List

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Chicken List ~ the people you are scared to call.   There are 2 things going on when you think in terms of a chicken list.   #1 You are not owning your own value. Instead of an equal sign between you and that person, there is a less than sign pointing at you and […]

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