Reminding you

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Reminding you  I received a thank you card today. “Thank you for reminding me who I am, what I have, and what to do with it!” Wow!!! She nailed my job description – to remind you that you are amazing, wonderful, talented, loved, capable, and a much loved child of God – that you already […]

Purpose of our gifts 

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Purpose of our gifts   The purpose of our gifts is to use them to serve one another. Much Love, Jonathan Help me out please ~ if this Daily Dose spoke to you, forward it to someone who would benefit from this message. Even better, invite them to subscribe. Help me in my mission to […]

Change happens in moments

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Change happens in moments  Of course, we want big sweeping instantaneous change. However, that is not the way change usually happens. Changing habits, ways of being, ways of thinking, ways of acting – this happens in moments. Moments strung together become minutes. Minutes become hours and hours becomes days. Focus on the moments. Appreciate the […]

Facts and Feelings

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Facts and Feelings  There are times to pay attention to our feelings and ignore the facts and then there are times to pay attention to the facts and ignore our feelings. When we are visualizing, affirming, and thinking about our goals, we want to ignore the facts and concentrate on positive feelings. Because, the facts […]

Objectivity, Emotion, Kindness, and Accountability

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Objectivity, Emotion, Kindness, and Accountability   There’s an interesting interplay between the concepts of objectivity, emotion, kindness and accountability. Let’s use the example of having a goal of making 10 phone calls today and only making 6 calls. Objectivity: I made 6 calls today and my goal was 10 which means that I was 4 […]

Pet Peeves – how ridiculous

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 Pet Peeves – how ridiculous  As I was driving into the mountains today (ski day), I repeatedly came upon people who were driving slow in the left lane. I started to identify that as a pet peeve of mine. Then I woke up and said to myself, “what in the heck are you doing??????” I’m […]

Self-taught by an idiot

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Self-taught by an idiot  We all sell. You might or might not officially sell in your career but when we interact with others, we are often selling. Where should we go for dinner tonight? = sales As a kid – do you want to play at recess? = sales Would you help me with this? […]

The right question

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The right question Do you spend more time asking what is right with me or what is wrong with me? Unfortunately, most people habitually do the latter. Whenever we do that, we pay a significant price in terms of happiness, confidence, self-worth, enthusiasm, productivity, effectiveness . . . Our brains are trained to answer questions. […]


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Adjustments “Fishing like life is a series of adjustments.” ~ Kurt Jacobson That’s what my friend, Kurt, said to me this morning as we were standing in the Kenai River. I had caught a few and was also having lots of action. Meanwhile Kurt, who is undoubtedly a more skilled fisherman than I am, had […]

Intend and love what is

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Intend and love what is I’m salmon fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska. My intention is to catch a lot of fish. And then we also have to deal with what life brings us. Sometimes there aren’t many fish moving up river. Sometimes fish get away. I’ve fished many more hours today than I […]

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