Misunderstood humility

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Misunderstood humility  “Humility” tends to be a word that confuses people. It does not mean to be a doormat, or self-denigrating, or low self-esteem. Humble people do not seek or desperately need the approval of others. So, they do what they do without making a big deal of it. Humble people can appreciate and enjoy […]

Reminding you

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Reminding you  I received a thank you card today. “Thank you for reminding me who I am, what I have, and what to do with it!” Wow!!! She nailed my job description – to remind you that you are amazing, wonderful, talented, loved, capable, and a much loved child of God – that you already […]

The wrong to-do list

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The wrong to-do list  The temptation is to fill our schedules with action items that are in our comfort zone. This gives us a mock sense of accomplishment because we can point to all that we got done. But ultimately, this doesn’t support us in becoming the person we want to be or in achieving […]

Slingshotting the voices of negativity

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Slingshotting the voices of negativity   In outer space movies, they slingshot (definition below) the planet to create greater velocity. We can slingshot the voices of negativity to create greater velocity. How do we do this? #1 turn up our awareness so that we notice the voices of negativity #2 remember that those voices are […]

Don’t indulge

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Don’t indulge  A client of mine recently told me that she hears my voice in her head saying, “don’t indulge” when she’s tempted to fall into self-pity. Self-pity, or any other form of feeling lousy, is an indulgence. We don’t ever “have to” feel that way. We choose to. And when we choose to indulge […]

Parrot Coaching

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Parrot Coaching If I got a parrot and taught it to say, “Based on these results, what must you believe?”, the parrot would be able to do part of my job for me. Our behaviors (no matter how strange) and our results (no matter how disappointing) always make perfectly good sense when we understand the […]


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GTD There is a time and a place to just get things done and then there is a time and place to get things done my way. If we know the difference, we can save ourselves a lot of stress and headache. If it is a situation where it is important to get things done […]

Two schools of leadership/ parenting/ supporting

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Two schools of leadership/ parenting/ supporting Is our fundamental premise that people are incompetent and need to be managed, prodded, motivated, and controlled or do people need to be unleashed and supported? The former creates dependency and hesitation. The latter creates independence and confidence. If you have created dependent people in your life then a […]

Bye Yogi

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Bye Yogi In memory of the late Yogi Berra ~ “How can you think and hit at the same time?” Sometimes we get far too busy thinking when action would serve us much better. So “when you come to a fork in the road, take it!” Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because […]

World’s Quickest Coaching School

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4 part curriculum 1. Ask for permission to coach – otherwise you are being rude and presumptuous. 2. Remember that any possible issue, problem, or challenge that a person can have is simply a symptom of them not fully loving, accepting, and approving of themselves ~ exactly as they are. ALWAYS! So the work to […]

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