Free Solo – “Thank God that’s over”

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Free Solo – “Thank God that’s over” I recently saw the movie, Free Solo. It is about Alex Honnold and his quest to be the first person to free-solo El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. (Free soloing is climbing without ropes). After he succeeded, his girlfriend said, “Thank God that’s over.” When I heard that, […]

Allowing vs efforting

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Allowing vs efforting  Which of these two statements resonates more with you? 1)    If it is to be it is up to me. 2)    Miracles happen here. Much of our head trash puts us in the position of thinking that we need to make the sun rise (okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration). But […]

Take the wheel

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Take the wheel  A while back, I was at a social event with some people who just weren’t that conversationally skilled. All they did was wait for opportunities to talk about themselves and had very little curiosity about anyone else there. I just kind of survived the event and certainly did not enjoy myself. In […]

Son or daughter of the king

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Son or daughter of the king  Imagine that you were the son or daughter of the king in olden days – a much loved king. You’d move through life with a certain confidence and assurance, with grace and strength. You wouldn’t hesitate to ask for what you want. (All this in a kind and graceful […]

An impossible position

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An impossible position  Whenever we try to be responsible for another person – their happiness, their success, their mood, their well-being – we are setting ourselves up to suffer. We are putting ourselves in an impossible position because we are not in charge of that other person’s brain. We don’t have the power to make […]

Time to reevaluate

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Time to reevaluate   I have been writing the Daily Dose of Jonathan for years now. And, almost every Dose has been written on the day it was sent out. My story for doing it this way rather than having them queued up in advance is that it honors my freedom and spontaneity. However, it […]

Relax your way to success

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Relax your way to success  We were tossing a frisbee last night and – my daughter’s tossing has room for improvement. She was muscling up and trying too hard rather than letting aerodynamics do its job. From my limited golf experience, I know that muscling up and trying too hard pretty much guarantees a shank. […]

What are we waiting for???

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What are we waiting for???  It is amazing how easily we can come up with stories, and reasons, and excuses for not being in action, for not doing the things that will help us to become the person we want to be and to have the results we want to have. However, this is an […]

How willing?

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How willing?  How willing are you to listen to those little God whispers and then act on them? The other day, I heard the God whisper and then acted on it even though it was far outside my comfort zone. It had a big positive impact on that person. Tonight, someone did that for me. […]

Sometimes it is useful to put ourselves in a tough spot

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Sometimes it is useful to put ourselves in a tough spot  While skiing today, I ended up on top of a ledge that was about 4 feet tall. While I was debating the merits of skiing over the edge (I’m not a big air guy) a boy and girl in their ski team jackets stopped […]

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