Hacking human glitches

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Hacking Human Glitches The other day my outlook refused to open. I tried a few things and quickly realized that this computer challenge was far beyond me. I called for help. My friend, Paul, started working the keyboard and all these different windows opened that I’ve never seen before. And in just a short while […]

Stopping the condemnation craze

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Stopping the Condemnation Craze We have been trained and conditioned to look at things from a good or bad, right or wrong perspective. This brings in judgment and condemnation. When we do this, we are making identity statements. ~ He is a bad person because he did that bad thing. I am a bad person […]

Identity Hit

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Identity Hit A recent client had taken an identity hit. About five years ago a few different things happened and he started to think less highly of himself, what he thought was possible diminished, his confidence and belief in himself decreased, and his joy and happiness took a beating. Of course, none of these changes […]

More will power and more effort are not the answer

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More will power and more effort are not the answer  If I have a story that if they say “no” then I will die – then it will take a lot of will power and effort and angst for me to make phone calls to prospective clients. And, I’m going to end up not making […]

Here’s Why . . .

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Here’s Why . . .   Say out loud, “I approve of me.” Then notice how true that feels. Rate it on a scale of 1-10. 10 = absolutely true. 1 = liar liar pants on fire. Assuming that your answer is not up in the 9-10 range – what is the first answer that […]

A better way to view fear

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A better way to view fear  Fear usually means that we are trying to do something that is outside of our self-image, outside of our comfort zone, outside of who we know ourselves to be. So, that fear is showing us our self-imposed limits. It simply means that a lousy story or a disempowering belief […]

Happy or Right?

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Happy or Right?  Would you rather be happy or be right? We always answer that we’d rather be happy but so often our behaviors say otherwise. I was reminded today of that saying and got to watch my own drive to be right make my day more stressful than it needed to be. Apparently I […]

How to make sure that you do not win

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How to make sure that you do not win  Is the personal growth gym (reading, visualization, affirmations, audios, letting go of limitations and other head trash, expanding possibility, introspection, etc.) part of your daily life? If not, how in the world do you expect thing to change for the better? There’s no chance. There is […]

Open to Receive

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Open to Receive There is so much good waiting to come into our lives. But we are the gatekeepers, regulating just how much of that good we allow into our lives. Last Friday I went to dinner with a group of friends. One lady told story after story about how she would want something and […]

New Year’s Edition

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Happy New Year! So, it is the start of 2016 – lots of optimism, excitement, dreams, goals, and plans for 2016 to be better than 2015. Now, here’s the key question: How are we going to do that? For things to change we have to change. If we keep doing what we have been doing, […]

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