If You Are There, You Have Value To Offer

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Most people don’t fully own their value. (And, this can also be a layers of the onion type of thing where we own our value up to a certain point.) This can be quite costly since we get paid on the value we own! A great strategy in those situations where we aren’t fully owning […]

Different is OK

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I saw a post on facebook earlier today where a guy was ridiculing a belief system (I’m not even going to go into the details). He basically said that you would have to be stupid to believe this.   I’m curious about what is going on with this guy that he needs to impersonally lash […]

Perspective ~ Really, It Can Be Changed

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I was with a group of people on Sunday who had attended an all-day training the day before. Everyone shared their big take-away.   Every single big aha involved a change in perspective, a different way of looking at something, someone, or themselves.   So often we think that our perspective (the one we stumbled […]

A Lighthouse With Curtains???

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 Imagine a lighthouse with curtains. That wouldn’t really make very much sense. That light is meant to shine brightly, not be restricted by some curtains.   Yet, I see this in people all the time – When we don’t embrace our own magnificence, when we don’t see our own value, when we ask, “who am […]

Chicken List

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Chicken List ~ the people you are scared to call.   There are 2 things going on when you think in terms of a chicken list.   #1 You are not owning your own value. Instead of an equal sign between you and that person, there is a less than sign pointing at you and […]

Energizing Breaks

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When you take a break, does your break actually energize and recharge you?   For most people the answer to that question is usually “no”.   Things like surfing the web, playing a computer game, watching a little TV etc. usually do not leave us feeling more awake, enthusiastic, energized, or creative.   I invite […]

The Tyranny of the To-Do-List

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I noticed earlier this week that my to-do-list was stressing me out. I also know that this is a common experience for many people.  There are some BIG problems with getting stressed out by our to-do-lists. When we are stressed it is much harder to get into action. At that moment we are obviously not […]

Bad and Wrong

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It is pretty amazing really – how quick we are to label ourselves bad and wrong. Although people don’t actually say those words, I hear it all the time: Something did not go as planned (and therefore I am bad and wrong). My results are not what I wanted them to be (and therefore I […]

Grace and Kindness

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Grace and Kindness The best reason to respond with grace and kindness to every person and circumstance that we encounter is because we can. I wonder what my life will look like when I remember that more often than I currently do. Just the thought of it is tremendously exciting and satisfying and feels so […]

Letting Go of the Past

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Letting go of the Past It can be a great challenge to not bring our past into our present. We have some experiences and then we make up a story, a rule, a generalization that this is the way it is. Presto, the birth of a limiting belief. Here’s the thing to remember ~ when […]

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