With or without resentment

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With or Without Resentment

Have you ever had a time and situation in your life where you were doing something but resented the fact that you had to do it? Perhaps you felt obligated or figured that nothing would happen if you didn’t make it happen.
That resentment is extremely toxic, especially if this is an ongoing sort of thing. It impacts all areas of our lives – decreasing joy, optimism, energy, and enthusiasm. And it tends to make us grouchier, frustrated, and shorter tempered.
However, life will bring these sorts of circumstances and when it does, we have three choices. 1) We can continue to do it and be resentful and consequently wreak havoc in our lives and in our relationships and connections. 2) We can choose not to do it. 3) We can choose to let go of the resentment and then choose to do what needs to be done.
#1 is never a good choice. #2 can be a good choice but sometimes there are consequences to not doing it. #3 Choosing what is in front of us is almost always a powerful thing to do. There’s a huge difference in operating out of choice rather than “have to”.
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