The work to be done

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The Work to be Done In a nutshell, the work I do with people is to help them see their lousy, limiting, disempowering, lie-based stories that they are telling themselves and then to replace those stories with better ones. Any time that we are hesitating, avoiding, procrastinating, under-performing, or resisting – it is because we […]

Crossing the Grand Canyon of Disbelief

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Crossing the Grand Canyon of Disbelief  Our self-image (who we think we are) is an incredibly powerful force in our lives. And, most often people have a “less than” opinion of themselves. This can create the Grand Canyon effect – where the successful people are way over there on the other side of the Grand […]

Bungee cords and ladders

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Bungee cords and ladders  Imagine having a bunch of bungee cords with one end attached to your waist and the other attached to the ground. Then imagine trying to climb a ladder. With each step up, the tension increases until “wham” you find yourself flat on your back on the ground. After a bit, you […]

I’m just an average guy

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I’m just an average guy  “It is impossible to outperform your self-image.” Dr Maxwell Maltz in Psycho-Cybernetics I’ve referenced that quote about a million times. Our self-image (our beliefs about who I think I am and am not, what does and does not happen to me, what is possible and impossible for me, what I […]

A Lighthouse With Curtains???

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 Imagine a lighthouse with curtains. That wouldn’t really make very much sense. That light is meant to shine brightly, not be restricted by some curtains.   Yet, I see this in people all the time – When we don’t embrace our own magnificence, when we don’t see our own value, when we ask, “who am […]

What I Learned While I Was In Prison

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Yesterday at 3 p.m. I got out of prison. While I was there I learned some things about human beings. I was invited to speak to a group of 50 prisoners at the Federal Correction Institute Englewood who chose to be part of the “Time To   Change” program. This was the end of a 12-week […]

Time for an Icon or Archetype Upgrade???

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Time for an Icon or Archetype Upgrade??? This is a topic that we have talked about before: How do you think about yourself?  What is your self image? Part of the way we think of ourselves is through the use of icons and archetypes. Most likely some of your icons and archetypes could use an […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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. Mirror Mirror on the Wall . You have an image of yourself inside your head, your Self Image . This image acts as the ultimate instruction manual for your life.  It provides the rules of operation by which you live. Your thoughts, behaviors and actions are all consistent with your self image. Now here’s […]

How You Think About Yourself

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. How Do You Think About Yourself? The way that you think about yourself has everything to do with the way your life is turning out. Maxwell Maltz was a very famous plastic surgeon.  (He also wrote Psycho Cybernetics.)  He discovered something very interesting.  What he discovered is that he would do the same procedure […]

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