Two Farmers

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Two Farmers Two farmers are praying for rain during a drought. Besides praying, the one farmer is tuning up his machinery, prepping his seeds, and has even plowed his fields. The other farmer is simply praying and waiting. Will things be different for these two farmers when the rains come? What we want is our […]


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Insanity Einstein said that doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is insanity. If we want things to be different, we either need to do something different or we need to be someone different. That’s where my favorite question, “Based on these results, what must I believe?” comes into play. […]

It is what we do next that matters

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It is what we do next that matters We are all going to at times make some mistakes, behave in non-ideal ways, and seek comfort instead of being bold. When those things happen, what matters most is what we do next. We can either clean up our mistakes or hope that no one noticed. We […]

To ask or not to ask

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To ask or not to ask I’ve been debating whether or not I should ask my subscribers to the Daily Dose of Jonathan for a personal favor. Is that appropriate? Will it deepen our connection or cheapen our connection? As you are about to see, I have decided to ask. Why? Because asking is the […]

Anything over zero is awesome

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Anything over zero is awesome This morning I was sharing about some successes that I had yesterday (I either made progress or completely handled 4 things that I had been putting off). I immediately felt the pull to discount my success. “Yeah but, I could have done more.” That is a horrible life and success […]

Addicted to Struggle

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Addicted to Struggle So many people are addicted to struggle. We have buried stories that are often outside of our awareness. Stories like: It cannot be easy. It is pleasing to God when I struggle. Struggle is noble. I’m bad / need to be punished and so I deserve to struggle. Struggling will prove that […]

Crazy Paralyzed

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Crazy Paralyzed We’ve all had those experiences where we know there’s something that we should do and for the life of us we cannot bring ourselves to do it. It is like an alien took over our brain or something crazy like that. The thing to remember in these situations is that there is a […]

Looking in the mirror

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Looking in the mirror People often have opinions and criticisms. When those are directed at us, we simply need to take an honest look in the mirror. If I can look in the mirror and say, “I did my job” then I know that what the other person is saying is about him or herself, […]

The gravity of the status quo

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The gravity of the status quo When dealing with others (in sales and otherwise) we often forget that one of their options is to do nothing, to embrace the status quo. They don’t have to change, improve, seek a better solution, seek an answer, etc. Due to things like fear of change, comfort zones, disbelief […]

Shoveling snow with a tablespoon

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Shoveling snow with a tablespoon The next time that it snows (hopefully next winter), I could shovel my driveway with a tablespoon. I’d sure be busy and have a lot of action going on. I could also use a snow shovel. I would not be as busy for as long compared to using the tablespoon. […]

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