If You Are There, You Have Value To Offer

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Most people don’t fully own their value. (And, this can also be a layers of the onion type of thing where we own our value up to a certain point.)

This can be quite costly since we get paid on the value we own!

A great strategy in those situations where we aren’t fully owning our value is to remind ourselves that God/The Universe managed all the details necessary to put us in the same space as that other person. So we must have something to offer them. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be there.

Early on in my healing career, I frequently found myself working with people whose problems seemed way beyond me. I literally didn’t know what to do. However instead of panicking or running away, I reminded myself that since God/The Universe had arranged this, I must be able to contribute to this person. Then I just relaxed and opened up. And sure enough, every single time, the information I needed would come.

My skills took quantum leaps forward every time this happened. Without these people, I wouldn’t know half the stuff that I do know. These were amazing learning experiences – made possible by me owning my value and trusting.

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