Procrastination always makes sense

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Procrastination always makes sense  We can become very frustrated with ourselves when we procrastinate. However, when we uncover the lousy or limiting story that we are telling ourselves about that action or activity, we see that procrastination is always a perfectly appropriate response to that story. The cure then is simple. Tell ourselves a different […]

Baby great white shark

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Baby great white shark  A baby great white shark is still a great white shark. It doesn’t become a great white after it has grown to a certain size. The other day, a client couldn’t fully own that he is a world changer. I asked him what it would take to fully own that. He […]

Simple math of thinking

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Simple math of thinking  Most people are wishing for positive results but mainly thinking negative thoughts. This is a seriously defective strategy. The good news is that this habit of how and about what we think can be upgraded. When thinking becomes predominately positive we become happier, life becomes more enjoyable, and positive results become […]

Intend and love what is

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Intend and love what is I’m salmon fishing on the Kenai River in Alaska. My intention is to catch a lot of fish. And then we also have to deal with what life brings us. Sometimes there aren’t many fish moving up river. Sometimes fish get away. I’ve fished many more hours today than I […]

The relationship between healthy eating and wealth consciousness

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Guest blog post from my good friend Kurt Jacobson What does healthy eating habits have to do with your wealth consciousness? Plenty, because how you do anything is how you do everything. If you are not taking care of your health needs there are probably other areas of your life that are need work too. Even […]

What I Learned While I Was In Prison

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Yesterday at 3 p.m. I got out of prison. While I was there I learned some things about human beings. I was invited to speak to a group of 50 prisoners at the Federal Correction Institute Englewood who chose to be part of the “Time To   Change” program. This was the end of a 12-week […]

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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. Mirror Mirror on the Wall . You have an image of yourself inside your head, your Self Image . This image acts as the ultimate instruction manual for your life.  It provides the rules of operation by which you live. Your thoughts, behaviors and actions are all consistent with your self image. Now here’s […]

How You Think About Yourself

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. How Do You Think About Yourself? The way that you think about yourself has everything to do with the way your life is turning out. Maxwell Maltz was a very famous plastic surgeon.  (He also wrote Psycho Cybernetics.)  He discovered something very interesting.  What he discovered is that he would do the same procedure […]

Jekyll and Hyde

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. Jekyll and Hyde Have you ever had a Jekyll and Hyde experience? If you are living human the answer to this is – Of Course! A Jekyll and Hyde experience is when you have a plan or course of action that you know would be good for you and would support you and then […]

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