Falling on your own sword

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Falling on Your Own Sword If we put aside ego and our need to be right, often falling on our own sword is the best path to take. For many insignificant things, if we apologize or take responsibility (even if we aren’t at fault) it takes care of the other person and can even build […]

Moving forwards

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Moving forwards    We cannot move forward while clinging to the past. Yes, we have all made non-ideal choices. Yes, we have all made mistakes. If I had a time machine, there are many things I would go back and do differently. And . . . this is all part of being a human. So, […]

Control and influence

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Control and influence  There are lots of things that are outside of our control ~ circumstances, coincidences, other people’s behaviors, etc. Even though all these things are outside of our control, they are not necessarily outside of our influence. There are things we can do to make circumstances and coincidences more likely or less likely. […]

The Meaning of Stress

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The Meaning of Stress  Stress = misguided thinking that we are in charge of the results. Thinking this way is bound to stress us out because there is very little that we are actually in control of (with effort, we can be in control of our thoughts, feelings, reactions, and behaviors and that is pretty […]

Here’s Why . . .

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Here’s Why . . .   Say out loud, “I approve of me.” Then notice how true that feels. Rate it on a scale of 1-10. 10 = absolutely true. 1 = liar liar pants on fire. Assuming that your answer is not up in the 9-10 range – what is the first answer that […]

Imitating Dolphins

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Imitating Dolphins Did you know that Dolphins are continually sloughing off skin? They end up replacing their skin every 2 hours? Consequently, scratches and superficial wounds disappear rather quickly. Human being on the other hand, tend to hang on to metaphorical scratches and superficial wounds. For example, how often have we said something like, “I […]

Guilt is not a success strategy

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Guilt is not a success strategy The illusion is that if I feel guilty about something, it will help me to change, to not do that thing again, or to do better next time. It won’t! Not a chance! That is not the way the brain works. Whatever we continually impress upon our brains basically […]

Does this make my life better?

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Does this make my life better? We can have all kinds of reasons and justifications for staying hurt, angry, resentful, regretful, guilty, ashamed . . . But, the question to ask ourselves is: “Does this make my life better?” And, the answer to that is always “NO”. So if it does not make our lives […]

Darn Weather

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Darn Weather A couple of my friends hosted a networking at the beach event today. They planned a great event and then it was cloudy, windy, and rainy late this afternoon. So, many people who had said that they were going to attend did not attend. This is a great reminder that circumstances outside our […]

Legal rights and self-condemnation

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Legal rights and self-condemnation Imagine that we have to go get a permit anytime we want to change ourselves and that the permitting process happens court room style. So there we are in court submitting our proposal to do better in business and then the prosecutor pulls out this long list of times and dates […]

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