Mock Comfort vs Real Comfort

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When we retreat from things that make us uncomfortable and take the easy path or let ourselves off the hook, we experience mock comfort. Sure we don’t have to deal with whatever that thing is which creates temporary short term relief. But, we have to deal with something else instead, something that is quite a bit […]

Smart Brain Dumb Brain

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Last week my daughter had a spelling and vocabulary test. That morning she was reviewing for her test and realized that she was not as prepared as she thought she was. She got very stressed out. Tears were flowing. And, she was trying to cram the info into her head. Here’s the thing though, when […]

Underestimating The Importance of the Fun Factor

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Imagine taking the same action from two different states of being. In one state your energy is up, you are happy and you are having fun. In the other state your energy is down, you are grumpy, and you are not enjoying what you are doing. Although it is impossible to accurately measure the difference […]

Letting Go and Moving On

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Letting Go and Moving On It is impossible to be truly happy when we are holding on to hurts, grudges, slights, misunderstandings, wronging, injustices, and the like. The important thing to remember is that letting go is something we do for ourselves, for our own happiness, and our own freedom. It doesn’t have anything to […]

Now Go Play

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Now Go Play Possibly the biggest trap that people fall into is thinking that there is somewhere to get to. Life will be better when______ (I have more money, am skinnier, am more successful, have that new title, am in a better relationship, etc.) No it will not!!! You will still be you with your […]

Does aiming for success create failure?

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My answer is ~ oftentimes it does. My other answer is ~ it depends. First of all we need to define success and failure. In our society, the most common definition of success is money. According to this line of though, we can just put an equal sign between money and success (money = success […]

What If ~ This Really Is It!

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What is going on in your life right now that you wish was different? Pick 2 or 3 key things that you wish were different.  (Write them down) Now with each of these items say, “This is my reality and I am completely satisfied.” Notice what emotion(s) comes up.  ~ anger, sadness, denial, resignation, fear, defiance, […]

Recipe for a Great Life

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. Recipe for a Great Life I am making an assumption here.  The assumption is that everyone wants to live a great life and be truly happy. For years I have been telling people that it is impossible to have a great life if your career stinks.  If you spend 40+ hours a week engaged […]

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