Does aiming for success create failure?

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My answer is ~ oftentimes it does.

My other answer is ~ it depends.

First of all we need to define success and failure. In our society, the most common definition of success is money. According to this line of though, we can just put an equal sign between money and success (money = success and success = money).

Also, mass consciousness tells us that success is supposed to produce happiness.

But, does money really equal success and happiness? Not usually!

There are many people who have money and the seeming trappings of success but do not feel successful and are not happy. There is even a name for this, Imposter Syndrome.

There are also many people who might not be wealthy but yet consider themselves tremendously successful and are happy.

So, it isn’t the money that determines success and happiness. It is other things like mindset, attitude, gratitude, and lifestyle choices that create the happiness that is supposed to come with success.

Earlier this week, I reconnected with an old high school friend, John. He told me that he feels like he is the richest man in the world. It is not his bank account balance and investment portfolio that makes him feel this way. It is his life that makes him feel this way.

John’s life is filled with the things he loves. He coaches high school basketball. (Basketball is a huge passion of his.) He works for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. (He absolutely loves what he does and is very passionate about it.) And John has a great relationship with his wife and son and with God. His life is very full. He has an abundance of things that are important to him.

Success equals money is such a shallow definition of success that usually ends up causing a great amount of suffering.

How do you define success? Could your definition use an upgrade? Where are you already experiencing tremendous success?

Much love,
Jonathan Manske

photo credit: RazZziel via photopin cc

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