The relationship between healthy eating and wealth consciousness

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Guest blog post from my good friend Kurt Jacobson

What does healthy eating habits have to do with your wealth consciousness? Plenty, because how you do anything is how you do everything. If you are not taking care of your health needs there are probably other areas of your life that are need work too. Even if you have plenty of money now it’s impossible to be truly successful if you are rich in money, but in poor health. To become financially successful you need every area of your life firing on all cylinders.  You need balance in your life to flourish. You have probably heard the term affluenza? This is where people have plenty of money but over indulge on rich food, alcohol, drugs or other unhealthy habits. When I started to become financially well off I did eat lots of unhealthy meals, and drank a bit too much. I had a touch of affluenza.

Now when I say financially well off I was coming off the bottom from 6 years of cocaine addiction so well off was relative. Even so by 1992, seven years after I quit drugs for life, I weighed in at 190 pounds, 35 pounds overweight, and wasn’t eating healthy or getting much exercise. I made drastic changes after a visit to a doctor who told me to lose weight and drop my cholesterol or I was in for trouble. You too might be overweight, and under exercising. You can change your way of eating by adopting the mindset of a winner and it doesn’t have to be a drastic change all at once. See yourself healthier happier person. How about resolving to have one low fat vegetarian meal once a week?

Then how about resolving to taking a walk around the neighborhood with your significant other, or nearby park once per week? As the weeks roll by increase a bit more to two or three healthy low fat meals with more vegetables than meat. Take two or three walks each week going farther each time. Before you know it you could be feeling better, looking better and maybe even performing better financially? Consider this, we are coming up on the fun eating season of Thanksgiving, and Christmas. What if you could eat whatever you wanted at the wonderful, memorable parties and get togethers, but also resolved to eat healthier three or four days a week starting now? Then by January 2, 2013 you resolved to eat healthier five or six days per week with the occasional splurge of Prime rib, lobster with hollandaise sauce or whatever your favorite splurge meal is.

Just imagine how much your life could change from instigating this plan. The thing is diets don’t work. When you are denying yourself the rewards of celebration meals with friends and family and special foods you are pushing against what you do want. My way of eating healthy does not deny those treats. I eat healthy, mostly vegetarian meals Monday through Friday and love going out to dinner on Saturday or Sunday eating whatever I want. What I found is once I started living this way, sure I’d eat the good stuff on the special days, but I wouldn’t gorge on the rich foods, sauces, cream soups or deserts, because then that didn’t feel good. What felt good was having that duck confit with garlic mashed potatoes for dinner, and splitting a desert with my wife. Once I was on track with the healthy eating lifestyle it wasn’t necessary to go crazy on the rich foods. I just didn’t seem to want that sort of food habits anymore.

If this makes sense to you, but you don’t have the skillset to prepare healthy meals at home don’t worry. There are dozens of good resources out there on the internet in the form of blogs and websites to help you establish a plan. It just so happens I have just such a blog called where you can find many quick, delicious and healthy, simple to prepare meals at home. Let me guide you to a way of healthier way of eating from my 40 years of cooking experience.  I’ll also have an occasional tip or guest post from others leading the way to healthier lifestyles. The tools are out there waiting for you to come and get them. What do you think? Are you worth it? Is it time for a change? I hope so because I believe you are worth it, and there’s no time like the present to get started.

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