Pre-Flight Checklist

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It doesn’t matter whether pilots are brand new or on their 5000th flight – they still go through their pre-flight checklist every time they fly. We can borrow this strategy. A lot of people have some fear about making phone calls. Here’s something you can do about that. What if you create a pre-call checklist […]

Sooner Or Later, You Have To Climb That Cliff

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Imagine that you are hiking up a mountain and that the path runs into a cliff that you need to climb. But, that cliff looks scary. So, you decide to take a little break, drink some water, and eat a granola bar. You walk back over to the cliff but it still looks scary. So, […]

We Can Do Better Than That

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There’s a group of people that I play doubles volleyball with. Partners are determined by the order in which people show up. So, we end up playing with different people all the time. Vlad and I have a history of playing really poorly together. We have been on the wrong end of quite a few […]

Make Hay While The Sun Shines – Fizzle or Sizzle

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A bunch of people are about to go into coast-mode because after all it is the holiday season. In their minds, it is time to take their foot off of the gas. But, there is still one quarter of 2014 left. So how do you want to finish 2014 ~ with a fizzle or a […]

Resistance or Relief

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Overwhelm almost always has us shut down. The secret to dealing with overwhelm is to break things down into smaller pieces. When you come up with an action step that produces a feeling of relief rather than resistance, you know you have broken it down far enough. It does not matter how small that piece […]

Perspective ~ Really, It Can Be Changed

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I was with a group of people on Sunday who had attended an all-day training the day before. Everyone shared their big take-away.   Every single big aha involved a change in perspective, a different way of looking at something, someone, or themselves.   So often we think that our perspective (the one we stumbled […]

Chicken List

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Chicken List ~ the people you are scared to call.   There are 2 things going on when you think in terms of a chicken list.   #1 You are not owning your own value. Instead of an equal sign between you and that person, there is a less than sign pointing at you and […]

You Do Not Need Motivation

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You Do Not Need Motivation      Whenever you catch yourself thinking that you need some motivation ~ please realize that this means that you are under the influence of some crappy thinking, that you are telling yourself a lousy story. I was just in Alaska on a salmon fishing trip. I was up and […]

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