You Do Not Need Motivation

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You Do Not Need Motivation



Whenever you catch yourself thinking that you need some motivation ~ please realize that this means that you are under the influence of some crappy thinking, that you are telling yourself a lousy story.

I was just in Alaska on a salmon fishing trip. I was up and in the river fishing by 5:00 every morning ~ even the mornings after I stayed up until 2:30am fishing. I didn’t need a drill sergeant yelling at me, “Manske get your butt down to the river and get fishing!!!” in order to be motivated.

I don’t know how many hours a day I fished (a lot) and never once did I need some outside motivation to get me down to the river ~ not even when I was tired.

That’s because of the quality of the stories I was telling myself. Stories like: I want to be here! This is fun! I love the Kenai River! Let’s see if there are any salmon running through here now! I wonder how many I can catch!” etc.

So when we say something like, “I need to get motivated to make some calls.” – We know that a lousy story is in place. Stories like: They probably don’t want to talk to me. I’m bothering people. It probably won’t work anyway. This is not fun. Not sure if I have value to offer. Etc.

When these lousy stories are in place, our energy crashes and then it is hard to be in action. So, we need to upgrade our stories and get our energy up.

When our energy is up, we just naturally want to be in action. So let’s tell ourselves some stories like: Whose life can I change today! Let’s see who wants to play! Who can I uplift and inspire! Who wants to hear from me! Who can I serve! Etc.

When we tell ourselves these sorts of stories, we don’t need motivation.

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