The walking offended

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The Walking Offended We’ve all gotten offended. And, we have all given offense, whether intentionally or unintentionally. And, we will get offended again and we will offend again. The challenge is: how quickly can we get over it? How quickly can we let it go? Because, when we are walking around offended, we are missing […]

Background Thought

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Background Thought I talked recently with a client. His background predominant thought is – “this is not working.” Another client had, “I’m a screw up.” Many clients have had, “This business is hard.” Many clients have had, “I’m not okay because of this childhood thing.” And on and on. When our predominant background thought is […]

Bump and Swirl

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Bump and Swirl We are hanging out at a coffee shop in Anchorage (because I’d much rather hang out here than at the airport). Terry, an artist, had some of his work spread out on his table and we struck up a conversation. He used the phrase “BUMPANDSWIRL!” in talking about life and about his […]

I have to make up for that

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I have to make up for that One of my volleyball team mate’s game goes to heck after he makes a couple of mistakes. He starts making silly mistakes. He starts trying to make plays on balls that aren’t his to make while not making the plays that are his to make. I’m pretty sure […]

Resistance or Relief

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Overwhelm almost always has us shut down. The secret to dealing with overwhelm is to break things down into smaller pieces. When you come up with an action step that produces a feeling of relief rather than resistance, you know you have broken it down far enough. It does not matter how small that piece […]

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