I approve of me

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I approve of me  Say out loud, “I approve of me.” For most people this is going to bring up some resistance – reasons why not to approve of themselves. If that’s the case for you, here’s a great homework assignment: Get in front of a mirror and then gaze into your own eyes. Really […]

Let’s start with a lie

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Let’s start with a lie I listened to a voice mail this morning. The message started out with a lie. She said that I had been referred to her and that if I was interested in a program that would generate thousands of dollars of income ~ and that’s when I hung up. Of course […]

The right amount of rest

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The right amount of rest Every year we climb the Manitou Incline http://www.visitcos.com/manitou-incline-near-colorado-springs-colorado when my daughter comes to visit. The incline is 1 mile of stairs going straight up the side of a mountain and then a 4-mile hike back down. Yesterday Sabine decided not to go so it was just Sierra and I. We completed the […]

How do I overcome what my brain sees as normal, a set point?

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How do I overcome what my brain sees as normal, a set point? I was asked this question today and here are a couple of thoughts: It’s useful to view ourselves as sculptors. They take thousands of hammer swings as they chip away and the work of art emerges. Every swing moves the project forward. […]

OK to get paid

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OK to get paid Say out loud, “It is okay for me to get paid.” And, “It is okay for me to get paid really well.” And notice how they feel – 10 being totally true and 1 being not at all true. Quite frequently people notice some resistance or hesitation with these phrases. If […]

Could It Really Be That Easy?

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Could It Really Be That Easy? Imagine if right in front of your front door was an 8 foot tall wall that you had to shimmy over in order to leave your house. Sometimes you would shimmy over it without a second thought. But there would be a lot of times where you would look […]

Tell better lies

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Tell better lies Sometimes when people start talking kinder to themselves, start talking about what is possible for them, or start selling themselves on how amazing they actually are – they encounter some resistance. I’ve heard many people say that it feels like they are lying to themselves. Here’s the deal with that: We are […]

Emotional Inventory

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I changed my razor blade the other day and – oh my gosh! – My face almost shaved itself. It was so easy and fast. Because it happens in such little increments, I didn’t realize just how dull the blade had become. This is a pretty good metaphor for life. Lots of little things happen […]

Resistance or Relief

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Overwhelm almost always has us shut down. The secret to dealing with overwhelm is to break things down into smaller pieces. When you come up with an action step that produces a feeling of relief rather than resistance, you know you have broken it down far enough. It does not matter how small that piece […]

What If ~ This Really Is It!

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What is going on in your life right now that you wish was different? Pick 2 or 3 key things that you wish were different.  (Write them down) Now with each of these items say, “This is my reality and I am completely satisfied.” Notice what emotion(s) comes up.  ~ anger, sadness, denial, resignation, fear, defiance, […]

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