Words and focus

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Words and focus  Our words determine our focus and what we focus on is what we get – whether it is what we do want or what we do not want. Are we getting out of debt or creating wealth? Are we fixing problems or working on improvement projects? Are we losing weight or getting […]

The pursuit of fun

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The pursuit of fun  “The pursuit of fun” – what do those words bring up? Many adults have some sort of story that fun is for kids and that as adults we have to be serious. Who says? And, why should we listen to them? What if it is okay to have fun, to be […]

Peace Love and Understanding

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Peace Love and Understanding  Elvis Costello (the musician) asks, “What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding? The funny thing (as in bizarre) is how often we choose not to experience peace, love, and understanding. Rather than peace, we frequently choose upset and hanging on to hurt. Rather than love, we frequently choose judgment and […]

Here’s Why . . .

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Here’s Why . . .   Say out loud, “I approve of me.” Then notice how true that feels. Rate it on a scale of 1-10. 10 = absolutely true. 1 = liar liar pants on fire. Assuming that your answer is not up in the 9-10 range – what is the first answer that […]

Erratic Thinking

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Erratic Thinking  Most people suffer from erratic thinking in some areas of their lives. Erratic thinking leads to erratic results, erratic effort, and erratic performance. If we do not change our thinking, then how can we possibly do better? The question then becomes ~ are we willing to put in the effort and the work […]

Win or be the star

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Win or be the star  Would you rather win or be the star? Do you prefer the credit or the desired outcome? Ego, which is driven by our insecurities, is desperate for credit, recognition, and the spot light. This can often get in the way of the desired outcome. I’ve seen this many times on […]

Roses and Volleyballs

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Roses and Volleyballs  It has been unseasonably warm here this February. My volleyball friends and I have taken advantage of this and have played quite a bit of sand doubles. Although we all enjoy getting out there and playing, BK seems to appreciate it more. Every time when we are packing up to go home, […]

What would it take?

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What would it take?  Here’s a great question for us to ask ourselves: What would it take to set me free from how I see myself, to set me free from the smallness of my own thinking about myself? We live in prisons of our own making. We are so limited by what we think […]

Self-worth calculation

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Self-worth calculation  What is it that you have allowed to define your worth as a human being? The size of your bank account What the bathroom scale says Number of friends The car you drive Ability to do something Some detail of your physical appearance Relationship status Etc. We are so very much more than […]

Just like me

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Just like me  When we feel the urge to find fault with someone, it is very useful to remember that: Just like me, that person is trying to make sense of his or her life. Just like me, that person is trying to get what he or she wants and avoid getting hurt. Just like […]

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