Bigger than our problems

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Bigger than our problems  There’s an old saying about being bigger than our problems. What would happen if we took this literally? Think about one of your big problems. This could be with a person or a situation. Now notice that from your mind’s eye perspective, that person or that situation is bigger than you […]

Cave Tubing Wisdom

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Cave Tubing Wisdom We went cave tubing (floating on a river that runs underneath a mountain) in Belize. The crystal-clear water in this beautiful river comes from springs. So, day in and day out this river is full of water that just comes out of the ground. Somehow this got me thinking about having a […]

Slowing down to do better

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Slowing down to do better  When we get busy, we tend to skip the self-care and self-nurturing routines that support us. This is a mistake. Sure, these routines do take time. However, being calm and being centered allow us to work faster, more effectively, more accurately, and more creatively. (Scientifically proven.) Thus, we end up […]

More suspicion less trust

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More suspicion less trust  When it comes to our own thinking, oftentimes we’d be better served by more suspicion and less trust. (when we are upset, when we have good excuses for not being in action, when we think we know what others are thinking, when we are criticizing ourselves, etc.) What if these thoughts […]

Delayed results

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Delayed results  I planted a bunch of bulbs in my garden last year. They didn’t do much. This year I already have a bunch of flowers. A friend of mine used to own some vineyards. He told me that this year’s grapes grow on last year’s vines. This year’s new vines won’t produce any fruit. […]

Just a smidgen more

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Just a smidgen more  I was halfway through my work out on the rowing machine yesterday when I did the math and saw that my pace wasn’t quite going to get me to my goal. I also realized that I did not need to go crazy and make up the difference in the next 30 […]

Do they even notice?

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Do they even notice?   So often we get all caught up in worrying about what other people will think. Yet the truth is that they are not thinking about us nearly as often as we imagine they are. One week before our recent cruise, my daughter shaved her head as a fundraiser for childhood […]


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Pruning  From a plant’s point of view, pruning probably hurts. The plant has put energy and effort into growing that branch and then “snip”, it is gone. However, the end result is either greater beauty or more fruit. In our lives, if we want greater beauty or more fruits, then some pruning is necessary. Oftentimes, […]

Darkness flashlight

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Darkness flashlight  Imagine a darkness flashlight that projects more darkness rather than light. The uses for this would be rather limited and most of the time it would just make things worse. However, this is what people do so often. We have the mistaken notion that sympathy, empathy, and compassion somehow require us to feel […]

Cruising for happiness

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Cruising for happiness  The cruise lines do a fabulous job of training their people to initiate contact, make eye contact, smile, and greet people all day long. I invite you to have a cruise ship employee kind of day today. Greet everyone you cross paths with today with a little attention, a smile, and an […]

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