Okay to be human

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Okay to be human  Human beings make mistakes. Humans are less than perfect. This is a part of being alive. However, many people have stories that it is not okay to make a mistake, or not safe to make a mistake, or that they need to be perfect. This puts people in an impossible position […]

Limiting Identities

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Limiting Identities  A client recently got into a fender bender on the way to see me. So, we started our session by working on the physical stuff – sore neck, sore back, sore stomach, and stressed out nervous system. I noticed that her neck wanted to hang on to the idea of being hurt. If […]

Imitating Dolphins

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Imitating Dolphins Did you know that Dolphins are continually sloughing off skin? They end up replacing their skin every 2 hours? Consequently, scratches and superficial wounds disappear rather quickly. Human being on the other hand, tend to hang on to metaphorical scratches and superficial wounds. For example, how often have we said something like, “I […]

Conversation strategy

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Conversation strategy I’m okay. You are okay. Now let’s have a relaxed conversation. So many things would go so much smoother if we approached them this way. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know […]

The Seriousness Trap

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The Seriousness Trap Baseball player David Ortiz is retiring after this season. He seems to be enjoying his farewell tour. In a recent game, he hit a single and then gave the first base man a shoulder massage. Ortiz video Now obviously I don’t know what is going on in his head but here are a […]

Designed to contribute

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Designed to contribute I believe that every human is designed to contribute to others, to make a difference, and to be of value to others. This is where true happiness and well-being show up. What do you think would happen to the quality of your life if you intended to be of value to anyone […]

Just for the fun of it 

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100 years from now, no one will care if you were successful or not successful, happy or not happy, lived adventurously or bored yourself to death. So in a cosmic sense it doesn’t really matter what you do with your life. But it does matter to the individual! (Wouldn’t you rather lead a happy and […]

Don’t always trust your feelings

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There are definitely times we shouldn’t trust our feelings or our thoughts. I got rear ended today on the way to pick my daughter up from school. (I’m okay.) Once I got home and was able to just sit still for a minute, I immediately felt a huge wave of sadness. If I hadn’t been […]

Yes! Absolutely! I gratefully and graciously accept.

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How good are you at allowing others to contribute to you? How good are you at accepting help and assistance? How well do you receive? Do you let other people take care of you? Most of us aren’t all that great at these things and there are consequences to that. We end up limiting how […]

The Missing Word

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A lot of confusion and suffering gets created because we are missing a word in the English language. We need a word for the good kind of selfish ~ self-full. Notice how you cringe when you hear that word selfish. We all know that it is a bad thing to be selfish. But that’s the […]

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