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Listening  About two weeks ago, my mom called me to tell me that her friend had passed away. Right away, without thinking, I asked her if she wanted me to go to the funeral service with her. I didn’t have a good reason for asking. Mom’s friend was not a part of my life. But, […]

Leadership and communication

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Leadership and communication  It does not matter what we say until we have taken care of how we say it. Any communication that we deliver with a charge, with anger or frustration, or with negative judgment most likely won’t be received the way we want it to be received. Instead, that person will react to […]

Greater Heights

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Greater Heights  The lie in mass consciousness is that we can beat ourselves to greater heights. Somehow, we got stuck with the idea that negative self talk and the like will spur us on to better performance. However, that idea is total crap. We can go into the laboratory and prove that beating up on […]

The other ADD ~ Action Deficit Disorder

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The other ADD ~ Action Deficit Disorder  Many people suffer from the other ADD. They are not in enough action to create the results and outcomes that they want. Action Deficit Disorder ~ When there is an opportunity to do something that could change us for the better we end up procrastinating, hesitating, or avoiding. […]

Talking at or talking with

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Talking at or talking with There is a big difference in impact between talking at someone and talking with someone. When we talk at someone, we diminish connection and can easily bring up their resistance. When we talk with someone, we deepen the connection and bring down their resistance. Notice how these two phrases impact […]

Deer Conversations

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Deer Conversations  Can you imagine two deer talking? ~ Deer 1: Gosh I sure hope there’s still grass to eat in August. Deer 2: Me too. Where in the world is it going to come from? I’m starting to stress out here! Deer 1: What are we going to do? Our ability to think is […]

Conversation strategy

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Conversation strategy I’m okay. You are okay. Now let’s have a relaxed conversation. So many things would go so much smoother if we approached them this way. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps people live better lives. So, if you know […]

Relaxed Conversations

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Relaxed Conversations I spoke at the Financially Fit Females meeting tonight. I didn’t speak at them, I had a relaxed conversation with them that created a tremendous amount of value (based on the feedback, not my ego). Reflecting on this afterwards, I concluded that the vast majority of situations we find ourselves in will go […]

Talking in or talking out?

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Talking in or talking out?   Are you talking yourself into something or are you talking yourself out of something? I can do this. ~ This is too hard. I love making calls. ~ They probably don’t want to hear from me. Healthy eating makes me feel so good. ~ Salad sucks. Bring it on. […]

It is always about the stories

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It is always about the stories   I’ve talked about stories many times and it is such an important topic that it is worth talking about again. I had a group coaching call today and every issue that we addressed (procrastination, lack of consistency, follow up challenges, hesitancy to ask more from life since it […]

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