The other ADD ~ Action Deficit Disorder

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The other ADD ~ Action Deficit Disorder 
Many people suffer from the other ADD. They are not in enough action to create the results and outcomes that they want.
Action Deficit Disorder ~ When there is an opportunity to do something that could change us for the better we end up procrastinating, hesitating, or avoiding.
There’s a very good reason for this. There is a part of our brain, the amygdala, tasked with keeping us safe. From the amygdala’s point of view, things that are new, unfamiliar, uncertain, difficult, or scary are not safe. Whenever we encounter those sort of things, the amygdala jams on the brakes to prevent us from moving forwards. The stories, the doubts, the feelings, and the excuses quickly show up that convince us to procrastinate, hesitate, and avoid. And, the amygdala is very good at its job.

However, not everyone has Action Deficit Disorder even though those people still do have amygdalas. So, that means that it is possible for human beings to learn how to lean into the discomfort and do it any way.

A wonderful resource for this is the work of Mel Robbins. She wrote The 5 Second Rule. Mel Robbins video. I highly recommend that you watch this video.
p.s. – an ask: I’m shaving my head on March 10 with St Baldricks for childhood cancer research. All donations are greatly appreciated!

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photo credit: National Institutes of Health (NIH) Neurological connections via photopin (license)

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