Underestimating The Importance of the Fun Factor

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Imagine taking the same action from two different states of being. In one state your energy is up, you are happy and you are having fun. In the other state your energy is down, you are grumpy, and you are not enjoying what you are doing. Although it is impossible to accurately measure the difference […]

It Really Isn’t That Scary

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We took my daughter and some of her friends to a 2-storey ropes course today (Miner’s Maze in Heritage Square). Of course, mom and dad had to do the ropes course too. The ropes course was a great reminder that things are seldom as scary as they seem to be once you dive in and […]

Peace of Mind

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Do you want peace of mind?Then be grateful for what you already have! Much love, Jonathan Know someone else who would enjoy a daily dose? Here is the subscription link  bit.ly/1cwK52J     The Law of Attraction Made Simple ~ over 100 5-star reviews Awesome LOA Book  

Dr Jonathan’s Miracle Elixir

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Dr Jonathan’s Miracle Elixir  Back in the olden days, there were traveling snake oil salesmen who would pull their wagon into town and start selling their miracle elixir. The miracle elixir was guaranteed to cure all kinds of things ~ removes warts, cures baldness, good for upset stomachs, and on and on. Of course, these […]

Your Own Best Friend

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What if it is time to be your own best friend! So much of what we do to be kind or nice to ourselves really isn’t kind or nice. For example – eating 10 chocolate chip cookies because I am stressed, is not truly being kind to myself. It is doing damage and helping me […]

When Optimism Becomes Dangerous

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Optimism is a great thing and . . . optimism combined with insanity, doing the same things over and over while expecting a different result, produces delusion which is not a great thing. I have an acquaintance who is living in delusion. He’s very optimistic that his business is about to turn the corner and […]

Huge Favor – Forgive

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Want to do yourself a huge favor? Choose right now to forgive someone that you do not think you can forgive. Choose to free yourself from this tremendous burden you have been carrying around. It is time to set yourself free – do it for your own happiness, your own quality of life. Forgiving does […]

Life Will ALWAYS Do Its Job Very Well

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Life’s job is to teach us what we need to learn and or let go of in order to live our most magnificent amazing life. And, life is relentless at doing its job – you can count on it that life will show you where you are in your own way. So here’s the thing […]

Resistance or Relief

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Overwhelm almost always has us shut down. The secret to dealing with overwhelm is to break things down into smaller pieces. When you come up with an action step that produces a feeling of relief rather than resistance, you know you have broken it down far enough. It does not matter how small that piece […]

One Small Thought

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I invite you to notice how much one small thought can impact how you feel. It can pick you up or it can smash you down. When we pay attention to this, it become fairly obvious that we really cannot afford to have crappy thoughts – the price is simply too high. Much love, Jonathan […]

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