Redefining Leadership

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Redefining Leadership Old school leadership says that good leaders have all the answers. Wow, what an impossible position. Let’s redefine what it means to be a good leader. What if we can let go of needing to have all the answers already and can instead ask the best questions to elicit the answer(s)! What if […]

Is It Really Worth It?

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Is it really worth it? This morning I asked myself this question, “Is this really worth getting your undies in a twist over?” The answer was, “of course not!!!” But I was getting myself upset over a minor thing, and talking to myself in my head about it. I stopped because it wasn’t worth it. […]

I Am Ready

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I am Ready When the waitress asks you if you are ready and you reply, “Not yet,” what happens? Nothing. She waits until you are ready. Once you order, then she can get into action on your behalf. What do you think happens when we tell God and the Universe that we are not ready […]


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Fear When we experience fear, we can respond in one of two ways. We can let go (the useful choice). Or, we can twist and contort, doing everything we can to avoid feeling that fear (unsuccessfully I might add). Crazily enough, we’ve decided that avoiding and ignoring the fear is the way to go, the […]

Badge of Honor?

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Badge of Honor? Is hard work really the badge of honor that we think it is? Yes there is a time and place for hard work. And, when struggle and effort enter the picture and it feels like we are pushing a boulder uphill, we probably are. Then it is time to stop and ask: […]

How To Do A Better Job

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How to do a better job Do any of the following sound like strategies you would employ if you wanted to do a better job and improve performance, productivity, and efficiency? Decrease creativity Lower resiliency Decrease confidence Decrease optimism Decrease the speed at which you process information Decrease the amount of information you can process […]

Nothing To Prove

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Nothing to prove You were born worthy and good enough. It is yours simply by virtue of being alive. There is nothing you can do to earn it and there is nothing you can do to lose it. You already have it. The only thing you can do is forget that you already have it. […]

Addicted to Why

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 Addicted to Why “Why” is seldom a useful question to ask but people love to ask that question. Why am I this way? Why is this happening to me? Why . . . ? Even if you actually answer that question (and the chances of accurately answering that question are slim indeed), it does not […]

Words of Mass Destruction

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 Words of Mass Destruction There are a handful of words that we use on a regular basis that are very destructive. What if we never use these words again? Should ~ This word immediately takes us out of the present and of dealing with what actually is. It has us argue with reality and we […]

Getting Your Buttons Pushed

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Getting Your Buttons Pushed We often talk in terms of “he or she pushed my buttons.” A much more accurate description would be, “he or she did something and then I pushed my own buttons.” He or she did something and then I decided to close down my heart. What if we decided that there […]

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