How You Think About Yourself

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. How Do You Think About Yourself? The way that you think about yourself has everything to do with the way your life is turning out. Maxwell Maltz was a very famous plastic surgeon.  (He also wrote Psycho Cybernetics.)  He discovered something very interesting.  What he discovered is that he would do the same procedure […]

More useful than LIFE PURPOSE

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. More useful than LIFE PURPOSE People often wonder about and search for their life purpose.  Why am I here?  What am I supposed to do?  What is my niche?  Where do I really fit in? I believe that there is something that is both much easier to find and much more useful – your […]

Recipe for a Great Life

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. Recipe for a Great Life I am making an assumption here.  The assumption is that everyone wants to live a great life and be truly happy. For years I have been telling people that it is impossible to have a great life if your career stinks.  If you spend 40+ hours a week engaged […]

Losing Weight – a bad idea

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. Losing Weight – a bad idea Yesterday I overheard someone mention that they needed to lose weight. There is a big problem with this kind of thinking. What is the very first thing you do when you lose something?  – You try and find whatever it was that you lost. You will tear up […]

Jekyll and Hyde

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. Jekyll and Hyde Have you ever had a Jekyll and Hyde experience? If you are living human the answer to this is – Of Course! A Jekyll and Hyde experience is when you have a plan or course of action that you know would be good for you and would support you and then […]

A Walk With Money

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. A Walk With Money Money!  That’s a topic that is seldom far from people’s minds. How do I get more of it? How do I get my money to work for me? How do I make myself attractive to money? Your relationship with money, whether good or bad, whether fulfilling or unfulfilling, is primarily […]

Trust . . . What Does It Really Mean?

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. Trust . . . What Does It Really Mean Trust is a concept that seems to create quite a bit of confusion. I often see this with my clients.  They have non-conscious programming that it is not okay to trust others, that it is not safe to trust others, or that they are not […]

Why Am I Not Getting What I Want?

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Why Am I Not Getting What I Want? You know about the Law of Attraction. You know how to work with the Law of Attraction and are diligently doing so. You are doing all the right things. Yet, you do not seem to be getting what you want. Why? What is going on? If this […]

Coming of Age

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Coming of Age Do you ever wonder if your best is good enough? Do you worry that “they” will discover that you don’t quite measure up or even that you are a fraud? Do you have a difficult time accepting and appreciating your successes? If you answered “yes” to any of these, you are not […]

The U-Turn: Fast food or spinach salad

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I imagine you know the importance of focusing on what you want. However, if you are like most of us, you often find yourself focusing on what you do not want. In effect, this has you headed the wrong direction. Most people are really good at focusing on what they do not want. Test this […]

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