The Other Side of the Coin

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You often hear people talk about ~ only do what you love. And, there’s a lot of wisdom to that. When we do what we love, our energy, excitement, enthusiasm, and desire to be in action are all up. This makes us far more magnetic to our good. However, there is also the other side […]

These Two Things Are Not The Same

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Activity and busyness are not the same as effectiveness and results. People often confuse these two. It is not about the number of activities we have e.g. 1×1 meetings or phone calls. It is about the results they produce. The more effective and efficient we become, the less busy we need to be. Effectiveness and […]

Using Emotions To Grow Yourself

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Emotions mean that something is important to us. By simply getting curious about “what here is important to me” when we are experiencing a negative emotion, we can already begin to diffuse a negative emotion. We move out of reactive consciousness and into witness or observer consciousness. We can then also learn about ourselves and […]

The Wisdom of Life

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Life sends us the experiences we need – not always the experiences that we want. A friend told me about a recent experience that pushed just about every one of her major buttons. I said, “Wow! Isn’t life just perfect – sending you exactly what you need to grow and develop!” She laughed and said, […]

If You Are There, You Have Value To Offer

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Most people don’t fully own their value. (And, this can also be a layers of the onion type of thing where we own our value up to a certain point.) This can be quite costly since we get paid on the value we own! A great strategy in those situations where we aren’t fully owning […]

You Can Lead A Horse To Water . . .

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I end up talking to clients about this all the time ~ it is impossible to be responsible for another person’s happiness, success, feelings, etc. These are things that we cannot possibly control. Any and every time that we try to be responsible for another person will inevitably end up in suffering. However, there are […]

Out of Control Optimism

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Optimism is a good thing. But when optimism becomes mandatory, when people have it that there is no other option but to be optimistic, optimism can cause real problems. There is a fine line between optimism and delusion. When we have to be optimistic, we cannot see what we need to see. We cannot see […]

What are you attracting?

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We are either attracting the people and circumstances that support our limiting beliefs to come true or that support our dreams to come true. Usually the difference between these two is personal growth, letting go of limitations, and expanding what is possible. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my […]

Kryptonite Thinking

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There are all kinds of lousy thoughts that can stop us as dead in our tracks as kryptonite stops superman. If I label something as “not fun” I most likely will not do it or at least will avoid it as long as possible. If I’m not careful, the small not fun thing can easily […]

A Perfect Match

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Our results are a perfect match for our beliefs, mindset, and the stories we tell ourselves. So, if we want different results, we have to upgrade our beliefs, mindset, and the stories we tell ourselves. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference and helps […]

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