One Small Thought

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I invite you to notice how much one small thought can impact how you feel. It can pick you up or it can smash you down. When we pay attention to this, it become fairly obvious that we really cannot afford to have crappy thoughts – the price is simply too high. Much love, Jonathan […]

It Is Your Fault Daddy

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The distinction responsible for vs responsible to is so important to understand if you ever do anything like interact with other people, have a significant other, have kids, or have a network marketing business. It is impossible to be responsible for another person. No matter how much we want to, we cannot control their thoughts, […]

Free From The Good Opinion of Others

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Years ago, I was listening to a Wayne Dyer program on cassette tape (that tells you how long ago this was). At one point he mentioned the 3 qualities of a self-actualized individual. I don’t remember what 2 of the 3 qualities are but I will always remember the impact the 3rd quality had on […]

Play More to Earn More

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People often think that they have to work more and harder in order to become more successful. And then usually, the fun gets squashed out of it. Once we start working from that not fun place, some pretty serious consequences arise: productivity decreases, creativity decreases, inspiration decreases, energy needed to get started increases, effectiveness decreases, […]

I Am Amazing!

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  Want to project some good positive enlivening energy into your interactions? Say, “I am amazing!!! And, so are you!!!” in your head when you start interacting with someone. Meeting someone new: “Hi I’m Jonathan.” Shake hands. Then in your head, “Oh by the way, I am amazing and so are you.” Someone you already […]

A Tale of Two Sticks

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You have two sticks, one that has been soaking in a bucket of water and one that has been soaking in a bucket of gasoline. What happens when you throw each stick on the fire? Of course taking action is vitally important! And, how we take that action matters too (a lot). If I make my […]

Excuse Me, Did You Know There Is A Shark In Your Swimming Pool?

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There’s been a shark in my swimming pool for a long time and I did not even know it. But instead of eating me, this shark has been eating my joy, vitality, excitement, enthusiasm, and belief in myself.   (Now you might not have this same shark in your pool but I guarantee that you […]

Different is OK

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I saw a post on facebook earlier today where a guy was ridiculing a belief system (I’m not even going to go into the details). He basically said that you would have to be stupid to believe this.   I’m curious about what is going on with this guy that he needs to impersonally lash […]

Perspective ~ Really, It Can Be Changed

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I was with a group of people on Sunday who had attended an all-day training the day before. Everyone shared their big take-away.   Every single big aha involved a change in perspective, a different way of looking at something, someone, or themselves.   So often we think that our perspective (the one we stumbled […]

A Lighthouse With Curtains???

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 Imagine a lighthouse with curtains. That wouldn’t really make very much sense. That light is meant to shine brightly, not be restricted by some curtains.   Yet, I see this in people all the time – When we don’t embrace our own magnificence, when we don’t see our own value, when we ask, “who am […]

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