Of course, I’ll be there (not)

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Of Course, I’ll Be There (not) I’m selling some furniture on-line and I’ve been stood up more times than I’ve actually met with someone. And in my history of speaking and events, I’ve had so many people say they’d be there for sure and then they don’t show. Now I could get all bent out […]

Doing their darn best

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There’s an old folk saying about never judging another person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. For our own sanity and peace of mind, it is important to remember that people are doing their best. Based on their head trash, world view, self-esteem, and other limiting beliefs – that crazy thing they are […]

Darn Weather

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Darn Weather A couple of my friends hosted a networking at the beach event today. They planned a great event and then it was cloudy, windy, and rainy late this afternoon. So, many people who had said that they were going to attend did not attend. This is a great reminder that circumstances outside our […]

Expectations Often Come From Limitations

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When we stop and examine our expectations, we often find that they are more limitations than expectations. We expect that we cannot hit that number because we haven’t hit it before – but what if we can! We expect that it has to take a long time – but what if it doesn’t! We expect […]

Blind Spots

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I met a client for coffee this morning at Panera Bread and I had a flash back to the first time I was in a Panera. I wanted to get a glass of water. So, I was looking for the little lever (usually located under the lemonade) on the soda dispenser that would give me […]

What am I holding on to?

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What am I holding on to? I’ve been asking myself that question several times a day lately. Almost immediately there is an answer ~ a limiting thought, a negative emotion, a grudge, an expectation, a limiting perspective etc . . . something that is well worth my time and effort to let go of. Once […]

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