800 Pound Squirrel

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800 Pound Squirrel When fear, worry, anxiety, hurt, etc. show up and we refuse to experience them and instead we close our hearts by trying to push it away or pretend it isn’t there – what happens is that the negative energy compresses into a tight little ball, like an acorn, and it gets stored […]


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I DID MY JOB!!!!! I have realized that I can do my job and experience the satisfaction that comes from doing my job – independent of the outcome. When I set the stage for someone to have a great experience, I have done my job. Whether or not they have the great experience is their […]

Confounding Joy

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Confounding Joy I am installing hardwood floors in our house. As part of the prep work, I had my daughter write words like: love, joy, kindness, fun, caring, laughter, happy, etc. all over the sub floor. She wrote at least 200 words on the floor. That way we will be standing on good energy. I […]

Joy ~ your most precious possession

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Joy ~ your most precious possession Without joy, what do you have? Think about that for a moment. How fulfilling, how satisfying, how enjoyable is life if you have: Wealth without joy A great career without joy Family without joy A hot physically fit body without joy Etc. Joy is something we can cultivate (or […]

Dominated By Time

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Dominated By Time Any time that we are not experiencing lightness, ease, and joy in whatever we are doing, we are being dominated by time. And when we are being dominated by time, we naturally feel stress, pressure, and anxiety (usually because we think there’s not enough time) which makes us far less magnetic to […]

To Not Take Offense

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To Not Take Offense We get so easily offended. We are so willing to take and make things personal. How much joy, happiness, and peace of mind has this cost you? What would happen if we got over being so easily offended? A friend of mine prays every day for the grace to not be […]

Playing the Victim Card

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Sometimes it is awfully tempting to fall into the victim trap – I’m not responsible, it isn’t my fault. I’d be happy if _________ just behaved differently. I’d be successful if only ___________. No matter how tempting this might seem at times, remember this: No one has ever created joy, happiness, and fulfillment by playing […]

Inspired Action

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Inspired action can often look like you are not doing very much ~ but a lot happens. So, what exactly is inspired action? Let’s start with what it is not: any action taken from a should, have to, must, or need to. It is also not any action taken with the intent that this action […]

Life Is Good

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I‘m sitting here wondering what to write about ~ and “life is good” popped into my mind. Because my life truly is good and I am very grateful!  hen I thought about the Life Is Good t-shirt company and wondered if it is just a catchy slogan or whether they walk their talk.  ell, a […]

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