800 Pound Squirrel

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800 Pound Squirrel

When fear, worry, anxiety, hurt, etc. show up and we refuse to experience them and instead we close our hearts by trying to push it away or pretend it isn’t there – what happens is that the negative energy compresses into a tight little ball, like an acorn, and it gets stored in our heart.

When our heart space is all clogged up with these acorns, the expression of the heart gets suppressed. So then we experience less joy, happiness, vitality, excitement, enthusiasm, playfulness, optimism, and gratitude. The more this space clogs up, the less quality of life we experience.

By the time most people have made about 30 trips around the sun, they have enough stored acorns to grow a normal little squirrel into an 800 pound squirrel. Then because there is so little flow in the heart, it becomes more about just surviving life rather than actually enjoying life.

However, this trend can be reversed. We can learn to stop storing acorns and start emptying our acorn storage. As we do this, we become lighter and happier. Life becomes far more enjoyable.

So how do we do this? Start paying attention to your heart. You can feel when it starts to close. Then make the choice to not close – no matter what. Simply take a deep breath and observe that painful thought as it passes through. (And it will pass through unless we either go to war with it or push it away in order to avoid it. Then it becomes another acorn.) If you find yourself starting to engage with the painful though, lightly tap the center of your chest repeatedly while smiling a huge smile. This should allow you to disengage and let go.

Every time we do this, no new acorns are created. And, related acorns release too.

Much Love,

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