Unfolding Perfectly

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Unfolding Perfectly Being in Alaska has given me several opportunities to reflect on my life and how it has perfectly unfolded. Looking back, I can see those forks in the road where if I had turned a different direction, my life would look very different than it does now. Laura, who took us on a […]

Quit Trying To Change Behaviors

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Stories are deeper than behaviors. Stories drive behaviors. So when we try and change our behaviors without first upgrading the stories that drive them, all we can use is will-power, effort, and force – none of which are sustainable – all of which leave us feeling wrung out, worn out, and frustrated because the behavior […]

Building an Elegant Trap

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In order to better understand people, we need to understand how pain and pleasure motivate. We either move away from pain or we move towards pleasure. Moving away from pain is reactive and moving towards pleasure is proactive. Most of the time people are moving away from pain rather than moving towards what they really […]

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