Objectivity, Emotion, Kindness, and Accountability

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Objectivity, Emotion, Kindness, and Accountability   There’s an interesting interplay between the concepts of objectivity, emotion, kindness and accountability. Let’s use the example of having a goal of making 10 phone calls today and only making 6 calls. Objectivity: I made 6 calls today and my goal was 10 which means that I was 4 […]

Unfortunately Amazing

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Unfortunately Amazing It is amazing how quick we are to get down on ourselves. What a ridiculous habit we have learned! We are human – we will make mistakes, not notice things, and drop the ball. But none of those things should diminish our self-worth as a human being. What if we learned instead to […]

When the numbers are down

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When the numbers are down   Traditional sales tell us that when our numbers are down, we need to step up our activity. We need to step up our doing. Traditional life strategies tell us that when things are not going the way we want; we need to do more. We need to step up […]

I Quit

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There’s a myth that winners never quit. This just is not true. Winners have quit all kinds of things. They are winners because they know what to quit and what not to quit. There are all kinds of things that we can quit that would help us to become more of a winner. Here are […]

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