Objectivity, Emotion, Kindness, and Accountability

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Objectivity, Emotion, Kindness, and Accountability  
There’s an interesting interplay between the concepts of objectivity, emotion, kindness and accountability.
Let’s use the example of having a goal of making 10 phone calls today and only making 6 calls.
Objectivity: I made 6 calls today and my goal was 10 which means that I was 4 short of hitting my goal. These are the facts.
Emotion: But, most people are not going to stick to the facts. Instead emotion and judgement will show up. “And therefore, I am bad.” Or the emotion will have me come up with excuses to justify not hitting my goal. Either way, my self-worth is now tied up in this goal and I’m in trouble.
Kindness: Rather than harsh judging there is also the opportunity for celebration. “I made 6 calls!” Yahoo for me. I could have made less and every call is an opportunity to grow my business. 6 is more than zero. Also, 6 might be progress headed in the right direction. 6 might be more than I normally make. So, I am choosing the kind interpretation that has many benefits (both short and long term)
Accountability: Accountability done well combines objectivity and kindness. “Yahoo, I made six calls.” And, the goal was 10. So, what do I need to do differently (action and/or thought) next time so that I can hit my goal of 10. I’m not bad or wrong but I did underperform so how can I correct that?

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