Playing the Victim Card

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Sometimes it is awfully tempting to fall into the victim trap – I’m not responsible, it isn’t my fault. I’d be happy if _________ just behaved differently. I’d be successful if only ___________. No matter how tempting this might seem at times, remember this: No one has ever created joy, happiness, and fulfillment by playing […]

Just for the fun of it 

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100 years from now, no one will care if you were successful or not successful, happy or not happy, lived adventurously or bored yourself to death. So in a cosmic sense it doesn’t really matter what you do with your life. But it does matter to the individual! (Wouldn’t you rather lead a happy and […]

Not Supported

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People often have a disempowering story about not being supported. So imagine this: you’ve just finished telling your story about how you are not being supported and then you turn to your left and see God sitting there. – Awkward!!!! If we do indeed live in a friendly universe, then we are always being supported. […]

Essential To Be Refreshed

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I often hear people say that they feel guilty if they take any downtime or that they don’t give themselves permission to have downtime, to relax, or to play. There is time for relaxation, play, and fun (and a time for hard work)! Otherwise, what’s the point? Whenever we say something like this, it is […]


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Hey let’s go do some chores! Doesn’t that sound like fun? – No? Not really? You’d rather not? So here’s the question: How much of your life do you view as a chore? As soon as we think of something as a chore, our energy goes down. When our energy goes down, our enthusiasm goes […]

Redefining Risky Business and the Safer Path

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It is almost impossible to escape the gravitational pull of our comfort zones when we are operating under the story that comfort equals safety. The number one human need is safety and survival – so if we have it wired that getting out of our comfort zone is not safe – it will be impossible […]

Minimum Daily Requirement

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What would happen if you set a few small minimum daily requirements that you did no matter what? Things like: 1 ask for your business 10 minutes of reading Check in for resistance and do 5 minutes of letting go work Check in with an existing client or customer just to say “hi” 5 minutes […]

Kindness Habit

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It doesn’t take any extra energy to be kind. In fact it gives you energy – not to mention what it does for the other person. If you haven’t already – develop the habit of being kind. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference […]

Being Grateful For The Things We Take For Granted

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Today I will be getting my head shaved for St Baldrick’s, a non-profit organization that raises money for childhood cancer research. Part of the reason I do this every year is to remind myself to be grateful for what I already have. Both of my daughters are totally healthy and for that I am so […]

Art and the Law of Attraction

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My friend, Dennis, says, “I believe art is a universal language that feeds our soul and enriches our lives. If you aren’t involved in the arts in some way, there is an empty space in your soul that nothing else can fill.” If our soul isn’t being fed, if we don’t make the time for […]

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