Redefining Risky Business and the Safer Path

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It is almost impossible to escape the gravitational pull of our comfort zones when we are operating under the story that comfort equals safety.

The number one human need is safety and survival – so if we have it wired that getting out of our comfort zone is not safe – it will be impossible to get out of our comfort zones (except for infrequent very brief excursions).

We need to upgrade our story to something like: it is safer to pursue excellence than it is to embrace mediocrity. Or, it is safer to play big than it is to play small.

Think about it for a moment. Which of these options is really the safer choice:

Hoping to subsist on minnows or feasting on whales?

Being bored by your life or being excited and curious about what might be next?

Being on your deathbed and realizing that you are still full of untapped potential or feeling like you gave it your all?

Surviving or thriving?

Not going for it at all or going for it and possibly falling short?

Having a job you dislike or doing something you love?

Keeping your heart closed no matter what or risking getting your heart broken?

Not even asking for the sale or getting a no?

Etc . . .


Our story about what is safer usually isn’t even accurate. Our comfort zones are not a safe place!

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