There is always an agenda being fulfilled.

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There is always an agenda being fulfilled. It is important to remember that there is always an agenda being fulfilled. Even when it seems like we are not getting what we want or that our lives are headed in the wrong direction, there is still an agenda that is being fulfilled. Oftentimes this other agenda […]

Repressed Worry

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Most people have quite a bit of repressed worry. People in general have a habit of worrying. Some of it you might be aware of and some of it is pushed pretty deep into the shadows. I invite you to be really honest and vulnerable with yourself and feel that worry ~ worry that: The […]

Kindness Habit

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It doesn’t take any extra energy to be kind. In fact it gives you energy – not to mention what it does for the other person. If you haven’t already – develop the habit of being kind. Much Love, Jonathan I write these Daily Doses because I know that my content does make a difference […]

Don’t Be In A Hurry To Believe Yourself

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I just finished a live video event, SMART goals are a broken promise. Afterwards, I was in a bit of a weird space. I didn’t feel as in the flow as I normally do when I speak and so the invitation was there to get down on myself and to decide that I did not […]

The Eeyore Walk vs The Tigger Walk

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Want to hear something absolutely ridiculous?  We have zero problems with engaging in negative self-talk but find it weird, strange, and awkward to engage in positive self-talk. That is RIDICULOUS!  Every time I coach a volleyball clinic, we do a simple drill. I throw the ball at the person and her job is to pass […]

Evidence That It Is Working

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We search for evidence that supports our beliefs and viewpoints all day long. And, we ignore inconvenient evidence that conflicts with our beliefs and viewpoints. Here’s a great example: I asked a client what was going well. She excitedly replied that she had gotten a new client earlier that day and that it was super […]

Underestimating The Importance of the Fun Factor

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Imagine taking the same action from two different states of being. In one state your energy is up, you are happy and you are having fun. In the other state your energy is down, you are grumpy, and you are not enjoying what you are doing. Although it is impossible to accurately measure the difference […]

Play More to Earn More

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People often think that they have to work more and harder in order to become more successful. And then usually, the fun gets squashed out of it. Once we start working from that not fun place, some pretty serious consequences arise: productivity decreases, creativity decreases, inspiration decreases, energy needed to get started increases, effectiveness decreases, […]

I Am Amazing!

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  Want to project some good positive enlivening energy into your interactions? Say, “I am amazing!!! And, so are you!!!” in your head when you start interacting with someone. Meeting someone new: “Hi I’m Jonathan.” Shake hands. Then in your head, “Oh by the way, I am amazing and so are you.” Someone you already […]

A Tale of Two Sticks

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You have two sticks, one that has been soaking in a bucket of water and one that has been soaking in a bucket of gasoline. What happens when you throw each stick on the fire? Of course taking action is vitally important! And, how we take that action matters too (a lot). If I make my […]

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