A Tale of Two Sticks

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You have two sticks, one that has been soaking in a bucket of water and one that has been soaking in a bucket of gasoline. What happens when you throw each stick on the fire?

Of course taking action is vitally important! And, how we take that action matters too (a lot).

If I make my phone calls from a low energy, unexcited, or unenthusiastic place, they won’t have the impact I’m looking for.

Conversely, if I make my calls from a high energy, excited, and enthusiastic place, they will be more productive and produce a bigger impact.

And, if I don’t make my calls at all – nothing happens (again action is important).

Getting to that high energy place is really quite easy. We just have to take a few seconds and actually do it.

Here are a couple of examples that do it for me pretty much every time:

  • Double fist pump with a “Yeah”
  • Telling myself, “I am all kinds of awesome!”
  • Telling myself, “Time to go change some lives!”
  • Tapping the center of my chest, the heart center, and then smiling a great big smile
  • Busting a quick dance move

Feel free to use any of these or find your own.

Whether your energy is up or down is always a choice that you get to make for yourself.

Gas sticks are much more fun than water sticks.

Much love,

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